MAJOR Announcement By WikiLeaks Confirms RIGGED Election!

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For the past few weeks, WikiLeaks has released tens of thousands of emails from Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, which have exposed the dirty inner workings of the Clinton campaign.

Clinton and her campaign have refused to comment on some of the revelations of these emails. Instead, they have preferred to blame Russia and Republican nominee Donald Trump for the leaks.

WikiLeaks has defended itself repeatedly over the past few weeks by insisting that it wasn’t a branch of the Russian government. In a series of tweets on Thursday,Wikileaks fired back at its accusers by claiming that the U.S. election system was rigged in favor of Clinton, The Daily Caller reported.

“You are not a fan of publishing true information about corrupt ruling power factions who will take power on Jan 20?” WikiLeaks tweeted in response to Dan Gillmor, who accused WikiLeaks of being partisan.

“What election? It has been clear from the beginning who is going to win. This is, in effect, a power consolidation exercise,” WikiLeaks wrote in another tweet.

These tweets suggested that the organization agreed with Trump’s repeated claims that the entire electoral system was rigged against him.

The emails also suggested that Trump was right because they have shown just how close the media and the Clinton campaign truly are — and it is quite disturbing.

It’s no secret that WikiLeaks isn’t a fan of Clinton, but it remained unclear how much that played into the recent document dumps.

There is no doubt in many people’s minds that there is massive amounts of corruption and fraud in the Democrat Party. The only way to ensure that this doesn’t continue is to get out and vote on Nov 8. — the future of the country depends on that.

VIA Conservative Tribune

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