Obama: ‘White Folks’ Have Been The Problem All Along

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When addressing students at the University of Chicago Law School, Barack Obama said that America’s voting system is “rooted in racism” and that it admonishes some Americans from voting. So he believes that we should reduce the polarization in politics to help improve things.

Then, he dropped a bombshell and pointed out how “white folks” are the problem:

“We really are the only advanced democracy on earth that systematically and purposefully makes it really hard for people to vote,” Obama said Thursday when speaking at the University of Chicago School of Law. “There is no other country on earth that does that. There is a legacy to that that grows directly out of a history in which first propertied men, then white men, then white folks didn’t want women, minorities, to participate in the political process and be able to empower themselves in that fashion. That’s the history. We should be a society in which at this point we should say, yeah, that history is not so good.”

Why should I even get mad anymore. It does nothing. The honest heart knows that this man is a liar who has destroyed any peace and sense of brotherhood that for the last fifty years, we have struggled to build. A rotten soul.

(via: I Have The Truth)

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