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VIDEO: Monica Crowley SLAMS Trump Bashers For Ignoring What Should Be REAL Focus of Election

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Donald Trump’s comments about women have taken over all of the talk about serious issues on the campaign trail, and Monica Crowley is sick of it.

In a Friday appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity,” the conservative radio host said that Hillary Clinton’s record was just as bad on women, and that the other issues the country was facing were of more importance.

Trump had apologized for his remarks on the tape, in which he said that he had made a pass at a married woman and that he was sexually aggressive with women because “when you’re a star, they let you do it.”

Trump quickly apologized for the 2005 tape. He added that his remarks “don’t reflect who I am. I said it, I was wrong, and I apologize.”

For Crowley, there were bigger problems than what Trump had said a decade ago.

“Mrs. Clinton enabled an accused rapist in this case (a court case back in the 1970s when Hillary admitted she defended a man she believed to be guilty of child rape) and an alleged rapist in her husband,” Crowley said.

“And we’re talking about something Donald Trump said, laughing with another guy, 11 years ago?” Crowley continued. “You know what, Sean? Russia today essentially threatened the United States with World War III with nuclear weapons, and we’re talking about something Donald J. Trump was joking about 11 years ago? This country has serious problems, and we need to be focused on that.”

Video below:

What Trump said was disgusting. What Hillary Clinton has done is disgusting, too. But what’s worse, she seems to intend to continue doing these disgusting things.

Trump’s words haven’t caused people to lose health insurance or their doctors. President Obama’s actions have, and Hillary Clinton intends on expanding them. Trump’s words haven’t appointed liberal justices who will destroy the Constitution to the Supreme Court. That’s what Hillary Clinton intends to do.

What Trump said shouldn’t distract from what Hillary has done. Please like and share on Facebook and Twitter if you agree with Monica Crowley.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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