VIDEO: Protestor Taunt Bill Clinton, Yell Out ‘You’re a RAPIST’ During Campaign Stop

In the middle of discussing Trump’s position on global warming, the former Commander-in-Chief was notably jarred when interrupted by two persons, one of whom carried a Bill Clinton Rape poster.

“No one can dispute the fact,” Clinton starts his sentence.

“That you’re a rapist!” a person in the audience shouts, followed by another yelling, “Bill Clinton is a rapist!”


Another camera angle shows Clinton smile and laugh following the confrontation.

This is the second time in three days Clinton has been heckled during a rally for his wife, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Earlier this week, the former president was also interrupted during a campaign event in Canton, Ohio, by a woman shouting, “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” while she held a display bearing the same message.


The patriots’ brave efforts to expose the Clintons are inspired by Infowars’ promotion highlighting the former president’s numerous rape accusations.

Infowars is paying out up to $5000 for anyone that can get the “Rape” shirtseen on local or national TV for five seconds, and/or can be heard saying, “Bill Clinton is a rapist.”

(via: InfoWars)

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