Tom Selleck BLACKLISTED In Hollywood After Saying TRUTH About Black Lives Matter

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In the liberal world of Hollywood, it’s rare to find any actor that’s brave enough to risk their career by going against one of Barack Obama’s agendas. That’s why it came as a big surprise when proud patriot Tom Selleck used his hit show Blue Bloods to slam Black Lives Matter and other groups that burn the American flag.

Three Percent News reported that in a recent episode entitled “Flags of Our Fathers,” Selleck’s character talks to a liberal about protesters burning of the American flag. When the liberal won’t listen to reason, Selleck tells him that only a fool tries to get peace by inciting violence.

Later in the episode, Selleck is proven right when the liberal’s protest incites violence. When the liberal whines that the police didn’t protect him, Selleck shoots him down by saying the officers did their job. The liberal then announces plans to launch a similar protest again, so Selleck gives him a major dose of reality.

“That flag, that you consider a prop and a stunt, has draped the coffins of Americans who died to give you the right to ignore that sacrifice,” Selleck’s character said. “You’re spitting on their graves.”

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(via: Web Daily)


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