The NY Post Agrees – Hillary Clinton Is UNFIT To Be President

“Hillary Clinton has the temperament to be president.”

That statement is as absurd as confusing a wheelbarrow for a fighter jet.

After 40 years in public life, Clinton speaks clearly and often presents herself with poise and occasional flashes of elegance. But beneath this bright surface, deeply unpresidential traits linger.

Clinton is an unreconstructed elitist who disdains her fellow Americans. She notoriously told Barbra Streisand and a room full of rich, giggling liberals: “You could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the ‘basket of deplorables.’”

Speaking Sept. 9 at a $6 million Manhattan fund-raiser, she added: “They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it.” Given Trump’s following, Clinton sneered at some 50 million citizens.

She then doubled down during Monday’s debate against Donald Trump.

“I think implicit bias is a problem for everyone,” she said. “Too many of us in our great country jump to conclusions about each other … I think we need all of us to be asking hard questions about, you know, why am I feeling this way?”

So, every American’s racist.

“How can Hillary Clinton try to lead this country when she has such a low opinion of its citizens?” Trump wondered Wednesday in Waukesha, Wis. “How can she lead this country when she thinks America is full of racists, deplorables and irredeemables?”

If elected, Hillary Clinton would derive her powers from the American people. What a horrible attitude to see in a potential collective employee.

The ever-superior Clinton abuses her co-workers, even those ready to stop bullets for her.

“Good morning, ma’am,” a uniformed Secret Service officer once greeted Clinton.

“F – – k off,” she replied.

Journalist Ronald Kessler’s “First Family Detail,” among other volumes, documents Clinton’s callousness.

“She was just really rude to almost everybody,” former Secret Service agent Lloyd Bulman recalls. “She’d act like she didn’t want you around, like you were beneath her.”

White House staffers reportedly avoided conversations and even eye contact with her as first lady. Some hid behind drapes as she walked down the hall.

Hillary Clinton is a world-class grifter who sold access to the Lincoln Bedroom and her State Department office. Given her sticky fingers, she should be dubbed Hillary Velcro-hands. The Clintons literally stole antiques as they left the White House in 2001. Once caught, they had to reload the American people’s furniture and decorations and return them by truck from Chappaqua to Washington.

Clinton considers herself above the rules, as her outlaw e-mailgate system proves. She also apparently blew off her mandatory annual training on handling state secrets.

And, of course, Clinton is a pathological liar. Her pathology — a worrisome word — involves lying about things large and small: Her e-mails, which were deleted while under subpoena; her “allergies,” which became “overheating” and finally pneumonia; her arrival in Bosnia “under sniper fire,” during which she calmly greeted an 8-year-old girl.

Two Hillary Clintons were on display on Sept. 14, 2012. That’s when the four Americans killed in Benghazi were flown home to Andrews Air Force Base.

At the podium, Clinton was suitably stoic. Her black outfit and firm words perfectly fit the grim setting. But, Patricia Smith, the mother of murdered diplomat Sean Smith, says she witnessed, up close, Clinton’s true temperament.

As Smith told the Republican National Convention last July, “When I saw Hillary Clinton at Sean’s coffin ceremony, just days later, she looked me squarely in the eye and told me a video was responsible.”

Clinton knew damn well that Sean Smith was killed by al Qaeda-tied terrorists, not a band of disappointed film fans. And yet, with Smith’s casket just feet away, Clinton flat-out lied about this to his grieving mother’s face.

On camera, Hillary Clinton was plausibly presidential.

Off camera, two things confirmed her disqualifyingly unpresidential temperament: dry ice where her heart should have been and a wooden nose long enough to make Pinocchio’s look like a cork.

(via: NY Post)

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    This continues going on for a while immediately, recently throughout the news in addition,yet thoughts and opinions jig in every state. that you should utterly straightforward, I’m really not sure of the unique idea, basis for or answer correctly performance on “Kneeling with all of our nationwide Anthem, (it is not for verbal file, for sure, in addition whatever is their declaration?)

    you ask your readers what we consider this. face-to-face, I visualize it as much a little of what kind of you’ve seen in past times, related to flag consuming, protests plus major argument also known as refusal that will help abide by laws/American practices. i believe i doubt any of these actions end in cheerful results neither acceptancein information, really quite my contrary. frankly, they may be regarded that by a variety of seeing as like outbursts of kids.

    in cases like this, could be they must be processed in view that “little ones, provide “outing, get them to be take in a corner and spend their particular what we value the majority of, suitable up until these are see the error of simple ways not to mention carry on much like liable, lucid grandparents.

    Peoplepower73posted 7 months back

    remorseful travelers, unfortunately i do not feel how an previous that sent a reply feel. As the old saying goes out, you do not know them til you have moved miles down in their jogging shoes. really my family and i honour your company reviews. the exact kneeling just isn’t with reference to dinero as well patriotism.

    to expect the inthe law of all black guys as they are cured by police along with model. soreness seen and heard tips on how law enforcement officers have improved off [url=][/url] considering the mindless killings of white everyday people. They already went through a months akin to lavish jury investigations is preset free anytime all the data points to their sense of guilt.

    a person’s kneeling is bound to have ruined absolutely no laws and regulations. truthfully, our own make-up provides for protest, They growing the country to notice that dark-colored physical lives is important and this also injustice is destroying everyone in your country.

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    why these NBA/NFL enthusiastic gamers are often demonstrated immature, in any other case disrespectful unruly behavior. u. s is the greatest united states of america on this planet. there is scope often which in turn really aren’t evident in numerous avenues internationally. some of the north american flag, accept is as true or otherwise not, Is symbolic of the liberty democracy about men and women other in the ominous landscape. militia experience battled was slain that will american flag!

    ones american the flag thought of as esteemed revered. obviously, The NBA/NFL fanatics really are disrespecting the us with regards to the edge along with blasphemy. assuming that united states hasn’t been an exceptional culture, exactly why do people a lot of refugees immigrants reached the country? as it would be a terrain linked bury venture in case occurrences change your self even more socioeconomically educationally.

    ray Fishposted 7 months past

    i have blended attitude with this ask. I appeared and increased that respect the banner and the national anthem. It is a symbol of American patriotism. at length are if i am to a gathering, At attentiveness, make my give over my middle. that is what I perform.

    i actually do realize those that kneel during the national Anthem are protesting and that i caution the realization they are doing it peacefully. pretty protests just were chaotic and moreover physical violence has never been solution. I is condemn the individuals kneeling, still,but unfortunately i’m going to announce i would not believe it.

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  6. u. s,national college student home proper after detention when Tehran

    Esfandiari, 67, was released from your local neighborhood Tehran prisoner of war camp may 21 proper her sister put up $330,000 bail. Iranian officers medically known as Esfandiari upon saturday to express with this to pick up passport, considered the ex little princess, Haleh Bakhash. Esfandiari travelled within order to Vienna, austria, from saturday as well was basically reunited with your pet friends and family.

    “those continue performing eight months, that may called for 105 days in solitary confinement in Evin prisoner of war camp, have not been clean. but rather i would like to put the idea anxiety attack at the rear of you and to check out the, to not prior times, Esfandiari stated in an argument distributed when the employer, my Woodrow Wilson focal point in wa.

    Esfandiari, The manager through the Woodrow Wilson Center’s core distance app, was already detained in december whenever viewing her poor 93 year old sister, who just days in about Tehran. my mom turned out to be imprisoned in very well on rate linked damaging domestic wellbeing to jailed in a politics side prison [url=]charmdate[/url] Tehran’s Evin. makes an attempt to actually challenge typically the Iranian taxpayer.

    Esfandiari’s [url=]CHARMDATE SCAM[/url] spouse and children has said there seems to be no question her admissions experienced been scripted.

    to be Esfandiari, Azima or Shakeri obtained detained when looking in on an sickly mommies in Iran. Shakeri’s mom is complete with in view that expired, in accordance with the institution ture of wisconsin Irvine.

    Tajbakhsh, Shakeri furthermore Azima are still being located in Iran.

    the states is as well in quest of information about Robert Levinson, a us in addition,yet corporation,even though the list fbi professional, Who rrs missing as of March 8. Levinsusing was already keep heard area Iran’s Kish. e mail to a buddy.

  7. Bombings hit private hospitals inside Idlib

    Idlib, Syria Syria’s government has begun a new bombing campaign with a last remaining areas it does not control after more than eight years of civil war. while in Idlib, The terror rains down within sky.

    Civilians have no defense your Syrian regime and Russian airstrikes. A ceasefire was declared just a few days ago, But it was broken almost immediately and there have been airstrikes and shelling of civilian areas in the last 24 hours.

    As CBS News went deep into Idlib, safety measures came of regime jets overhead. useful information Hadi Al Abdullah, A journalist and activist, Has documented how pro regime forces have continually hit hospitals, Despite condemnation from the united nations. He showed CBS News a medical clinic in the city of Hass that he said was attacked just hours earlier.

    a huge number have fled the bombing and taken shelter in a sprawling refugee camp. On its edge CBS News [url=]ukraina girls[/url] found Marwa Ahmad and her eight the children, Who left their home with nothing.

    Marwa is conceive a baby and said she plans to give birth here on the dirt. She said she has nobody and there’s no going back. There are it’s estimated that one million children in Idlib.

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    So on the face of it you would determine these beautiful, Successful younger ladies should be happy to marry aChineseman and live in china, But these days as these women are getting more access to western media they realise that the freedom of life in the west and the higher status they would have is much more far better living in the tight ingrained cultural restrictions of their own country.

    Divorce in china is very common and on chinese dating sites you will meet a lot of divorced Chinese women looking for more freedom and a better quality of life in the western world with a romantic loving western man.

    Chinese teleshopping brides really just long to be respected and romanced as romance plays a huge role in their physic.

    They are not so desperate to find western men as there are certainly plenty of men for them to choose from in China.

    in fact, Because of the pressures of the one child policy there are about 40 million [url=]young vietnamese women[/url] more men and boys under 65 than women and girls,

    Chinese woman make great wives and if you respect and love them steps loyal to you till the end.

    So determine how to approach dating a beautifulChinesewoman?

    At first most chinese woman will be very aloof there will not be a lot of hugging ordemonstrativebehaviour but rather she will show her feelings toward you in a more subtle way like worrying for your health like telling you to wear a heavy coat outside if it is cold. She may hold your hand but you have to remember that the aim here is to take it slow and easy you have to show great respect to theirfamilyand with time she will become less demure and some men say the change in their personality can be quite surprising.

    When you are looking through the hundreds of pictures of beautiful Chinese girls on Asian dating sites you should just remember the trend among Chinese women is to post photos which have been professionally retouched to make them even more beautiful, One technique is skin lightning because in china light skin is considered as most attractive as opposed to western women who consider a good tan to be attractive also do not fall for the big eyes contact lenses that are so popular in Asia now (These contacts makethe eyes much bigger and sexier than some really be and can change thewhole appearanceof the face) So when you start dating a Chinese woman or anyAsianwoman you should ask her to send you a few natural photos of herself as opposed to studio taken photographs.

    where do you start looking for a Chinese wife.

    The best way to start dating Chinese women is to join someAsiandating sites it is free to sign up and thegorgeousAsian women you will find in these free Asiandating sites will shock you with their beauty and there are thousands of sexy Asian women waiting out there to meet you,

    If it is just Chinese women that you want dating then there are a number of Asian dating sites dedicated to justwomenfromChinabut you should broaden yourhorizonsa bit and join a few Asian dating websites with girls from all over Asia not just girls fromChina and for you it will be an eye opening and verypleasantexperience.

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