Now THAT’S Dedication! Michigan Man Mows 58k Square Foot ‘TRUMP’ Into Lawn

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A Michigan man showed his support for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in a huge way.

Wally Maslowsky, 69, of Almont mowed a 58,000 square-foot version of Trump’s last name into his ten-acre yard, M Live reported.

“If you were to draw lines around it in a box it would be 176-feet tall and 330-feet long end-to-end,” Maslowsky said to M Live, adding:

I didn’t know what size I was going to do it. I went online and printed off a Trump sign trying to duplicate the kind of lettering he uses. I took quarter inch graph paper and laid it on top of it and started measuring one foot per square and that’s what it ended up being.

Maslowsky’s project took five hours to complete. He started Thursday, September 22, and finished the following day.

“I laid it out, kind of like you would if you were building a basement for a house,” Maslowsky said. “I put some markers on the grass with paint and then I just started connecting the dots.”

Maslowsky used to work for General Motors as a designer and has been retired for ten years.

He wanted to put his skills to the test as a retiree and made the sign for no specific reason other than just showing his support in a fun way.

“I didn’t do it for publicity,” he said. “I did it for fun and it’s turned out a little more public that I thought it would be.”

Maslowsky’s daughter took a picture of the display, using a camera attached to the tractor, and shared the photo. His son used an aerial drone to take video of the sign and shared it with local media.

This is not the first time he used his lawn mower to create designs in his yard. Maslowsky created a baseball diamond on his property for his grandchildren last year.

(via: Breitbart)

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