Hillary’s New Failure – Millennial Voters DOWN 19 Points In One Month!

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My daughter is a millennial – she’s also a Trump supporter, but she’s not heavily “into politics.”

I asked her what she thought of Hillary and she had an interesting observation – she said, “She seems like a stuffy old ‘country club’ lady who decided to run for president because her snobby rich friends egged her on.”

Well, that’s probably fairly accurate.

However, that’s not an appealing persona to young, “hip” millennials – and that’s where Hillary’s problem lies.

She’s lost 19 points over one month with the all-important millennial vote.

That’s devastating.


Other reports are stating that Hillary’s “college tour” has less “college-age” kids attending “rallies” and more 50-60-year olds in the audience – which again –  goes to show that she’s not appealing to the younger crowd.


Well, she’s not the least bit likable, but moreover, she doesn’t have anything new to say.

It’s the same old crap – “Everyone’s a racist and Trump’s mean.”

That’s not a winning a strategy or message for a country that’s sick and tired of political correctness, tired of the race-baiting, and who are desperate for real-life solutions to the sagging economy and growing terror concerns.

Trump’s America First message is NEW – and it’s offering hope and real solutions to the global problem that Hillary and her globalist buddies have created.

(via: Truth Feed)

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