Trump Asks Hillary What She’s Been Doing For 30 Years – Why She Was Too SCARED To Answer

During an interview with Hillary for America Chief Strategist Joel Benenson on Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “At This Hour,” co-host Kate Bolduan asked, “what’s she been doing for 30 years? It’s a strong point. What’s the answer? She did not answer that question last night.”

Bolduan said, “One thing he said last night, and they think it’s working, it’s a compelling argument. It gets to what you’re talking about. … He’s talking about — he started last night saying, if she’s been working on this for 30 years, where are the solutions, what’s she been doing for 30 years? It’s a strong point. What’s the answer? She did not answer that question last night.”

Benenson responded, “I think it’s a sweeping — one of Trump’s sweeping attacks on people that lack credibility. She’s been in many different roles over 30 years. We weren’t going out there to recite everything she did. When he was stiffing working people in Atlantic City in the ’90s, she was helping children get healthcare, helping change the adoption system so more foster kids — and this is while she was First Lady, more foster care kids get adopted. … And she did it working with Republicans. Even people like Tom delay, where they didn’t have a lot of common ground. And in his life at that time, he’s stiffing the contractors, the architects, the people delivering pianos and glass and mirrors to his hotels. Very different view of working Americans. And you hear this guy on a debate stage say, he was rooting for the housing crisis because it was smart business. He was going to benefit. I mean, you just saw what Vice President Biden said. What the hell is he talking about? And I think that working people in America saw a very clear contrast of who’s standing up and fighting for them, and who isn’t, because he’s never done it, and she has.”

(via: Breitbart)

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