Underground Betting On The Election? Odds Are In Favor Of Hillary Collapsing On Stage

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Political junkies can bet on almost everything regarding Monday’s presidential debate between Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, including whether one of them will fall to the ground onstage.

Betting on politics is a legally tenuous endeavor in the U.S., with PredictIt providing the only substantial legal market. But overseas is a different story, with bookies in the United Kingdom and Ireland offering all kinds of betting options for the debate at Hofstra University.

The largest variety of bets available appear to be offered by the Irish betting site PaddyPower. While the site isn’t offering specific odds for Clinton having a health incident (perhaps because it would be difficult to measure), it is offering 33/1 odds that either of the two candidates will trip and fall to the ground.

That’s only the beginning of what PaddyPower offers, though. The site lets people bet on what items, if any, will be thrown at Trump and Clinton. The most likely objects are shoes and eggs, but a more enterprising gambler could also bet at 50/1 odds that Clinton has an email server thrown at her, 25/1 odds that Trump is targeted by a bottle of tanning lotion, and even 3/1 odds that Trump is targeted by a Nazi golf ball.

The bets don’t get any less strange from there. There’s a market for what Australian politician will be mentioned first (‘None’ isn’t an option), the first name Clinton calls Trump (‘Deplorable’ is the favorite), and whether Trump uses the “f-bomb” during the debate (25/1 odds).

PaddyPower is offering 21 different bets on what the first “cliche” of the debate will be. At 6/1 odds apiece, the top cliches are “Obama,” “Pneumonia,” “Commander-in-Chief,” and of course, “Make America Great Again.” The longest odds, at 100/1, include “Comb-over,” “Small hands,” and “Monica Lewinsky.”

For those who want less exotic bets, PredictIt offers several mundane markets, such as how many viewers the debate will attract and whether certain topics will be brought up, such as Benghazi or the alt right.

(via: Daily Caller)

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