Hardcore Clinton Supporter Kim Kardashian West Admits That She Is Considering A Vote For Trump

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A long-time Hillary supporter, who has been very vocal in her choice (see image), has reportedly had a change of heart.
Kim Kardashian West is one of a slew of celebrities coming out lately, saying that they support, or at least are considering, Donald Trump for President.

Via NY Mag:

According to a new interview in Wonderland magazine, Kim Kardashian may exercise her right to vote for Donald Trump in November. “At first I thought, ‘Oh my God, I’m so Hillary [Clinton],’” she said, per a write-up of the profile in the Huffington Post.

“But I had a long political call with Caitlyn [Jenner] last night about why she’s voting Trump. I’m on the fence.” This quote curiously does not appear in the online version of the Wonderland profile, but the Huffington Post says it confirmed the quote with the profile’s author, Eve Barlow.



While it may not be a full endorsement, Kardashian is at least admitting that there is a possibility that she could be swayed. And if she is, her millions of social media followers of voting age very likely could be swayed, too. #MakeAmericaGreatAgain


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