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Trump Campaign Manager Preaches TRUTH About Hillary’s Comments On Police Shootings

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Hillary Clinton never misses a chance to score political points or votes, as far as Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway is concerned.

Conway laced into Clinton on Wednesday, a day after the Democratic nominee remarked upon “implicit bias” in policing while commenting on the police-involved shooting of an African-American man in Oklahoma to Steve Harvey’s radio show.

“It’s just unbelievable that she would do that before we even know the facts, the details. I think that’s an overpoliticization of a situation where we don’t know the facts,” Conway told Fox News host Brian Kilmeade on his “Kilmeade & Friends” radio program. “The loss of life is tragic and I feel like we all should be looking at it non-partisanly, not even bipartisanly, if you will. I’m using a new adverb here, Brian. But this is what she does. It’s like, she doesn’t pass up a moment to weigh in and try to score points or score votes.”

She later added, “The best answer, sometimes, is no answer,” remarking upon the nature of breaking news and evolving details of recent incidents like the ones in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and in Charlotte, North Carolina, where another man was shot and killed Tuesday.

“But I’m going to see how many in the mainstream media actually play that clip today and harangue Hillary Clinton for that, Brian,” Conway said.

Trump referred to the Tulsa and Charlotte shootings on Wednesday, both on his Twitter account and in remarks before pastors in Ohio, while Clinton tweeted the names of the victims. “Keith Lamont Scott. Terence Crutcher. Too many others. This has got to end. -H,” the Democratic nominee wrote.

Bringing up the point that Trump was “completely harangued” by the media after pronouncing the explosion Saturday night in New York a “bomb” before it was confirmed as such, Conway noted that the alleged perpetrator ended “being a radical Islamic terrorist whose wife says, ex-wife says hates America and hates gays and his father said his son was a terrorist.”

Clinton used the term “bombings” to reporters on her plane, Conway recalled, adding, “So let’s just see the double standard at play here.”

“She just jumps on this not knowing any of the facts, and so I think that’s where politicians, and she is quite a typical one, get themselves in trouble, where everything is seen through a political lens,” Conway said.

(via: Politico)

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