The End of NeverTrump: Ted Cruz Preparing to ENDORSE TRUMP!

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This week major rumors have been flying that have the Never Trump movement in panic mode. The campaign advisor to Ted Cruz has hinted that Senator Cruz will soon make an endorsement of Donald Trump.

Yes, THAT Ted Cruz. One of the kings of the Never Trump movement.  The one that urged fellow  Republicans to “vote their conscience in November”.. may be ditching his crown as king of the Never Trumpers and hopping aboard the Trump Train.

The possibility of Cruz backing Trump arose this week.

First, the senator told CNN that he was committed to defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton. Then, Cruz campaign adviser Jeff Roe told Bloomberg News that the senator likes what he’s seen from Trump lately and continues to think through his position.

“He thinks about it everyday,” Roe said.

And the Trump campaign has also hinted at the possible endorsement   Trump recently issued a statement showing support for Cruz’s fight to block President Obama from relinquishing U.S. control of the Internet in favor of an international consortium.

Cruz took to Twitter to thank Trump:

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway then responded immediately. Notice the “over to you” part:

The Cruz campaign has not yet issued as endorsement but there’s major speculation that it could happen as early as this week.

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