Hillary EMBARRASSED In Latest Poll; Down 28 POINTS To Trump In Her Former Home State!

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Hillary Clinton continues to slip in the polls across the nation but one poll in particular is more than embarrassing for the Democratic nominee.

An Emerson College poll released this week has Hillary down by a massive 28 points in her former home state of Arkansas.

Emerson College Poll, Sept 15 2016

Although Arkansas is a red state, candidates typically perform better in their home states.  That’s not the case for Clinton, in fact, as she is polling at a meager 29% among likely voters.  To put that in to perspective, her husband won Arkansas in ’92 with 53% of the vote and, although he lost the state, Obama was able to get 37%.

Let that sink in; Hillary is polling 8 points worse than a black candidate in a deep south state that also happens to be her husband’s home state.

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