Hillary’s Plan For Michelle Obama Will Leave You FURIOUS

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Michelle Obama wants to continue some of the work she has done as First Lady after her husband leaves office. She has been working really hard to dupe Americans into voting for Hillary Clinton, making the disturbing claim that “only Hillary can save our kids.” Now, information has been leaked about Michelle’s possible new role in the White House if Hillary wins, and you’ll be sick to learn what they have in mind.

Michelle Obama (left), Hillary Clinton & Michelle Obama (right)

We already know the Obamas plan to stay in Washington, D.C., and like the Clintons when they left office, Vanity Fair reports the Obamas will be dead broke and in need of some income. Of course, they will rip off as many people as possible, writing their memoirs and doing speaking engagements for tens of thousands of dollars, but the fact that Michelle wanted to stay in Washington, D.C., says she is likely looking to snake her way into politics.

The Obamas will move to a nine-bedroom home in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C., after leaving the White House in 2017, according to reports. [via Time Magazine]

Barack won’t seek any other political office, obviously, so this leaves Michelle to follow in the evil steps of Hillary Clinton. In fact, many are already speculating that Michelle Obama’s future will include a run for office someday, but first, she needs to get some political experience, and that is where being a part of Hillary’s White House comes in.

This is some scary stuff, folks, and it has to do with our kids. Michelle has always seen herself as some type of savior to America’s children, with her ridiculous obsessions with changing our kids’ lunches and making sure McDonald’s has something other than french fries in their “Happy Meals.”

Now, the Hillary campaign has let everyone know via Twitter that Hillary and Michelle plan on working together to change the way our kids think.

From Twitchy:

Ready to be terrified? Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama had a mutual admiration society squee-fest this week. It started with this:

Indeed. But not in the way YOU think, Hillary Clinton.

Whoa. What SHE and her fellow Smarter Than You radical ideologues think it should be? No, thank you. Heaven forbid.

And then this happened; Here comes the most disturbing part:

So, who is Hillary going to put in charge of this new transformation of our kids? Well, back in February, Michelle Obama was speaking at an event in Washington, D.C., and she hinted about her plans after Barack leaves office:

Back in February, she said at a health-care summit that she does not plan to slow down on her healthy living campaign for kids, either. “I do not have a one- or two-year horizon for this work,” she said. “I have a rest-of-my-life horizon.”  [via Washington Post]

Make no mistake, her sick focus is getting to our children’s minds, and just like Hillary, they both understand communist Saul Alinsky’s principals about intervening in children’s educations to steer them to grow up to be good little social justice warriors.

As the campaign tightens and the Democrats get desperate, do not be surprised if Hillary announces some formal role for Michelle in her administration. For whatever reason, Michelle is popular with many Democrats and some Independents, and it looks like Michelle’s plans are to stay in the White House in a new scary role. Let’s make sure Hillary and Michelle don’t have that option or any power to get into our kid’s minds ever again.

(via: Mad World News)

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