Chelsea Clinton Skips Daughter’s First Day Of School To Stay On Mom’s Campaign Trail

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Talk about a double standard. Not only do the GOP feel that women can’t make decisions about their own bodies, earn the same pay as men or run for President, but now they are adding “mommy shaming” to the list of despicable things they have publicly said.

In this disgusting clip, they rant about Hillary being sick and Chelsea covering for her. While this was going on, their poor daughter had her first day of preschool which mean that her Dad had to take her. GASP. A Dad acting parental? What is this craziness?

Fox wasn’t having any of it. They dove in first for Hillary, reminding us that she also missed Chelsea’s first day of school. Well, Chelsea turned out ok. But nice job digging the claws in to the first presidential female candidate.

Then they reminded us that Chelsea just had her second daughter this past July. Aw, sweet, right? Nope. They actually said “no word on who was watching baby Charlotte (their second baby) while her parents and grandparents were “away.”

Really? So they are now accusing Chelsea and her husband of just leaving their 2 month old baby at home?

They end with “Is this mommy shaming or simply a dislike for how the Clinton’s operate?”

Um, it’s both. And it is also being sexist pigs.

(via: Crooks & Liars)

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