Sadistic Mother Says She Liked To Watch Rape Of Her 10 Year Old Daughter; Can Anything Save This Country?

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A New Mexico mother being tried for the drugging, rape, murder, and dismemberment of her own ten-year-old daughter reportedly arranged for the abuse because she enjoyed watching the attacks, a new report reveals.

Worse, it appears that the child’s mother had been subjecting her little one to sexual abuse for some time before the murder and has admitted to using the Internet to find men who would come to her apartment to sexually molest the child.

It all came to light at the end of August when news broke that on the day of her tenth birthday, little Victoria Martens was found dead in her Albuquerque, New Mexico, apartment. Authorities found that the child had been drugged with methamphetamines, raped, beaten, stabbed, murdered, and then dismembered.

The girl’s mother, Michelle Martens, 35; her boyfriend, Fabian Gonzales, 31; and his 31-year-old cousin, Jessica Kelley, were arrested for the abuse. All three face charges of child abuse resulting in death, kidnapping, and tampering with evidence, while Gonzales and Kelley face additional charges of criminal sexual penetration of a minor.

During questioning, the child’s mother said Gonzales drugged the girl so he could more easily sexually assault her, and after he finished, she then stabbed her daughter in the stomach. Martens then claimed Gonzales and Kelly dismembered the girl and wrapped the parts in a blanket that they then set aflame.

However, in a new report, the Albuquerque Journal says the child had been abused for months before the final outrage.

The paper reported the contents of a police report that included Martens’ admission that she solicited her daughters’ rapists online and that she “told police she didn’t do it for the money. She set up the sexual assaults because she enjoyed watching.” Marten is allegedly

Martens and Gonzales were each ordered held on one million dollars bond. Kelley was ordered held on the same bond amount.

(via: Breitbart)

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