Donald Trump Just Keeps WINNING; Takes Huge Lead In Key Swing State That Could Decide The Election

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Donald Trump has been making major gains in polls across the country over the last few weeks but one major swing state may prove to be the key to a Trump victory in November.

A new poll out today has Trump taking a huge lead over Hillary Clinton in the key swing state of Florida.

For the past two decades, Florida has consistently been a competitive state both in its federal and statewide elections, and this year will be no different. This poll was recently conducted by JMC Analytics and Polling to gauge voter attitudes about both the Presidential and the U.S. Senate race.

Currently, Donald Trump has a 46-42% lead over Hillary Clinton in the Presidential race, while 4% support third party candidates, and 8% are undecided. There are four facets to Donald Trump’s lead: (1) Partisan – Republican voters favor Trump by a 76-14% margin, and this solid support is augmented with 53-34% support from white Independents; (2) Geographic – Florida’s geographic regions are fairly predictable in their partisan voting patterns, and in this poll, overall geographic patterns of support are similar to those of 2012, with one exception: Mitt Romney only carried Central Florida 50-49%, while Trump has a 46-40% lead over Clinton in this crucial region (also known as “the I-4 corridor”) of the state.

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