Dems Panic Over Hillary Health Scare, You Won’t BELIEVE Who They Want To Replace Her

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Republicans have been concerned for quite some time about Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health, as she has had multiple issues lately, from blood clots to coughing fits.

However, after Clinton’s spell at a Sept. 11 memorial ceremony was caught on camera, everyone — even Democrats — have begun to take her health issues seriously.

The Democrat Party has already started considering potential replacement candidates in case Clinton’s health precludes her from carrying out her duties, and one name, in particular, was especially terrifying — Joe Biden.

On Monday, ABC political commentator Cokie Roberts explained on NPR’s “Morning Edition” that there have already been conversations within the party on how to handle Clinton’s apparently worsening health problems, according to Breitbart.

“The fact that it comes now when the polls are tightening and Democrats are already saying that Hillary was the only candidate who could not beat Trump and it is taking her off of the campaign trail, canceling her trip to California — it has them very nervously beginning to whisper about having her step aside and finding another candidate,” Roberts said.

This late in the game, it would be hard to find someone who could catch up to Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump who has been enjoying some campaign momentum lately.

Vice President Biden, however, has the name recognition capable of mounting a last-minute campaign.

Roberts seemed to think that this last resort was “unlikely to be a real thing,” but Biden was definitely a possibility.

“I’m sure it is an overreaction of an already skittish party,” she said. “But you know, they have looked at what happens in that circumstance.”

However, even Biden could have trouble against Trump as he is older than Clinton, which doesn’t soothe anyone’s concern about health problems. Not to mention the many, many, MANY times Biden has put his foot in his mouth and embarrassed our country on a national stage.

This is the guy who tried to speak ebonics when referencing young people from inner cities. It’s the same guy who accused 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney of wanting to put black people “back in chains.”

And, who could forget the time he assessed President Barack Obama as the “first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

This is the guy Democrats want to carry their banner into November in place of Clinton?

Donald Trump’s chances are looking better and better each day.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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