Martin Luther King’s Niece Gives Donald Trump Major Endorsement

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Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., won’t officially say which candidate she is pulling for to become president, but her words don’t leave much to the imagination.

Pro-Hillary pundits won’t be talking about this powerful interview. Networks will hardly be falling all over themselves to book Ms. King.

Here is why:

“The platform of the Democrats, headed up by Miss Hillary Clinton, is let’s give you more abortions, more birth control — lock everyone up whose committing crimes, and that’s going to make America better,” she told guest host Melissa Francis on Fox News’ “Justice with Judge Jeanine” on Saturday. “That platform is just not full of hope.

“The platform that Mr. Trump is leading says let’s give more jobs, let’s do better with education, let’s get the jobs back to Americans first,” which she described as a more hopeful vision that she believes will produce more skilled workers and entrepreneurs.

“What better example of an opportunity for entrepreneurship than to have a president who has succeeded and done that,” she said.

“One thing about Mr. Trump, (a) 70-year-old billionaire in the golden years of his life wants to help all Americans,” she continued. “This is a golden moment.”

King believes when black voters take a look at both platforms and think, Trump will wind up with more of their vote than the polls indicate.

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