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Michelle Malkin Just DESTROYS The Idiots On ‘The View’ On Obama’s LIES.. Puts Them In Their Place

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For those of you who don’t know who Michell Malkin is, she is an author, blogger, columnist, and has recurring appearances on Fox News and other conservative media outlets. Malkin is one of the smartest and most accurate proponents in all of conservative media. If Ann Coulter is at the top, Malkin is in a close second.

The View on the other hand, is filled with the biggest liberal dummies you can imagine. None of which are bigger or more insane than Joy Behar. Every time a political pundit or personality comes on the show, Behar always has to throw in her $.02 even though she has never held any office in her life, yet she talks like her s*** doesn’t stink and she knows everything.

Well this time when Malkin was on, she had enough. As they discussed her book about corruption in the Obama campaign, Malkin let her have it.

BOOM! You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Malkin shouldn’t even waste her time going on shows like this. The View is a show that middle class liberals love to watch and take advice from. In reality, they shouldn’t be watching it at all as the show perpetuates nothing but a false liberal mindset and spews lies. Malkin realized that and shut everyone up fast when they tried to argue “facts.”

Once again, real facts shine through. We salute you Michelle, you are trying to right the wrongs in this world. We need more people like her on our side.

VIA Yes I’m Right

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