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BREAKING – WikiLeaks Julian Assange Lawyer FOUND DEAD, Assange Exposes The TRUTH!

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Julian Assange’s attorney was found dead, and the WikiLeaks founder thinks he knows why his lawyer met a mysterious and untimely demise.

News of the death of the internationally renowned attorney, John Jones, sparked conspiracy theories about his death being murder almost instantly. Some political watchers are certain the attorney’s shocking and supposed suicide is linked to Julian Assange’s vow to expose all of the skeletons in the Clinton closet and to reveal the corrupt inner-working of the Democrat Party.

John Jones, 48, was run over by a train in North London and killed instantly. His death has been ruled a suicide by British police. He was regarded as one of the country’s top human rights attorneys.

The speculation about John Jones’s death has been fueled at least in part by a “death threat” uttered by liberal commentator, Bob Beckel, on live television.

Bob Beckel grew agitated about the WikiLeaks investigation into Hillary Clinton and the DNC and ultimately shouted that somebody should “just kill the son of a b***h!”

Julian Assange is reportedly planning to reveal an “October Surprise” leak of material, which could crush Hillary’s run for the White House—and put her behind bars.

The North London police are not treating Jones’s death as suspicious.

Jones, who has worked on a plethora of high profile human rights cases, also reportedly worked on the same legal team as actor George Clooney’s wife Amal.

Jones specialized in legal cases involving extradition issues, war crimes, and counter-terrorism.

Do you think the death of Julian Assange’s attorney, John Jones, was a suicide, or could it be simply be another name added to the body count of people linked to the Clintons who died both suddenly and unexpectedly?

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