Meet Some of Trump’s Biggest Fans At His Virginia Rally

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Donald Trump addressed a crowd of more than 3,000 people at the Fredericksburg Expo and Conference Center in Virginia on Saturday evening.

Prior to Trump’s address, Breitbart News caught up with many rally attendees – which included women, veterans, black Americans, Hispanic Americans, immigrants, seniors and millennials – and asked why they are supporting Trump.

The responses amongst a diverse group of Trump supporters were overwhelming: “he’s my voice,” “I need relief,” “we need change,” “we need to turn this country around,” “he believes in this country,” the supporters explained.

Anna, who immigrated to the United States from Peru, told Breitbart, “I liked him from day one. He speaks his mind. He’s my voice. I felt that way from day one.”

Anna’s husband, Butch, was a Ted Cruz supporter during the primary, but said that once Trump became the nominee, he didn’t have to think twice about whom he’d support in the general election. “The people who are #NeverTrump are for Hillary Clinton,” Butch explained. “I don’t know how you could be for anyone but Trump.”

Anna said that she did not think Hillary Clinton would be good for American women. “Hillary Clinton is for Hillary Clinton. That’s the only woman she supports,” Anna said. “I’m a Latina for Trump!”

At this point, another woman—an immigrant from Ecuador— who was standing nearby, but did not know Anna and Butch enthusiastically chimed in: “Trump’s honest! He says the truth! Hillary’s supposed to be in jail! She’s lying to the country. Mentirosa! Mentirosa! [Spanish for ‘liar’]”

Anna laughed and joined in on the woman’s chant: “Mentirosa! Mentirosa! Liar!”

“Hillary is a liar!” the woman from Ecuador said waving her Make America Great Again sign. “I never liked her!”

Anna and Butch

Anna and Butch

Danny Prawatsrichai, who immigrated to the U.S. from Thailand, said: “I like the way he talks. I want to see change. People need jobs. We need change. Trump is a true man. I want him to win.”

Prawatsrichai said that he believed Trump was a more genuine person than Hillary Clinton. “I hate her. Trump is good – he is a good man. I know this in my heart. That’s the truth. We need him to win.”

Danny Prawatsrichai

Danny Prawatsrichai

Woman in flag necklace

Man in #NeverHillary Shirt

Sam, a black American from Virginia, told Breitbart that Trump “is our voice.”

“Donald Trump is going to put America’s interests first,” Sam said. “I mean, let’s face it, he’s giving more to us than we’re giving to him. We don’t have a voice. He is our voice.”

Sam explained that he was particularly bothered by the financial dealings of the Clinton Foundation. “Trace the money,” Sam said. “Hillary’s got so many sins that she has to spend the rest of her life on her knees praying she gets into heaven.”



Kelly Deleski said she supports Trump because he will better represent the interests of American women. “We need to defeat Hillary,” Deleski explained. “She is not representative of America, of women, of military, or of anything that I hold dear to my heart. She’s got all these Middle Eastern donations that are coming from countries that suppress women. I don’t know how she can say she’s for women when she’s taking donations from Middle Eastern countries that suppress women and deny women their rights.”

Kelly with friends

Kelly with friends

Pam, a nurse from Fredericksburg, seemed to echo this sentiment. “She offends me in that for being such a ‘liberated woman,’ she sure depends on men to take care of her,” Pam said.

“I think she is a liar and a thief. I always thought so. I remember when we went through all of the scandals with Whitewater and Vince Foster. I was young—18, 19 years old— and was a political junkie… I didn’t like her then, and I don’t trust her now.”

Pam explained that, in her view, Trump represents the “change candidate”:

“If I want any sort of change, I have to do something about it, and I have to vote for Trump… He’s right when he says, ‘What have you got to lose?’ That’s not something he should just be saying to African Americans and inner city people, that’s what you should be saying to everybody because everybody is in the same boat. We haven’t had a raise in years, we’re working our butts off, we’ve got to pick up overtime just to make it. It’s such bull.”

“If he does half of the things he says he’s going to do, this country is going to be a better place and I’m going to be in better shape,” Pam said, noting specifically that, as a nurse, she preferred Trump’s health care policy to that of Hillary Clinton.

Nurse Pam


Two women at rally

Two girls in Hillary For Prison shirts

Chris, a millennial from Northern Virginia, said that he supports Trump because of his immigration and economic policies. “I truly believe we need to build a wall to keep all of the illegal immigrants out,” Chris said. “The reason I’m supporting Donald Trump is because he’s not like the other establishment politicians like Hillary Clinton or Marco Rubio.”

Chris’ friend, Ben Johnson, chimed in: “I didn’t support [Rubio] either. He was weak. He wasn’t strong like Donald Trump is. He was ‘Little Marco’. You can tell that Donald Trump believes what he says.”

“There are tons of people our age supporting Donald Trump,” Johnson added. “Almost everyone I know our age is supporting Donald Trump.”

Chris nodded in agreement, noting: “I worked at Chick-Fil-A for nine months and nearly all of my co-workers were supporting Donald Trump.”

Chris and Ben

Chris and Ben

Millennial in hard hat

Girl in "MAGA" hat

“Hillary is so untrustworthy. I hate the way that she sells out to Wall Street,” said Kyle, a college student at the University of Mary Washington who described himself as a “moderate conservative”. Kyle said that because he is a Republican he was always planning on supporting the Republican nominee regardless of who had won the nomination.

“I can’t stand the whole email fiasco,” Kyle added. “My dad is a government worker and he told me that if he ever were to send classified emails over a private server, he’d be in jail. But apparently it’s fine for Hillary to do it because she’s above the law.”

Kyle in glasses


John, an immigrant and former Marine officer, who attended the rally with his daughter, a non-U.S. citizen who works in Virginia, explained that he is supporting Trump because, “he shares my basic values: he’s pro-life, and he’s pro-second– amendment… I’m a Republican and I support the Republican Party.”

John said that he felt Clinton lacked the temperament to be president:

“I used to be a Marine officer. One of my friends was a fighter jet pilot that flew Air Force One during President Bill Clinton, and he said that Hillary had a hot temper. She was terrible. In the media, she looks nice, she smiles, but on Air Force One she would argue and shout. He said it was terrible. I think Hillary is a liar.”

Man and his daughter at rally

“We’ve got to save our country for our grandkids,” Ed Veazey said when asked why he and his wife were there supporting Trump. Veazey, a former submariner, explained that he and his wife, Joy, had four children and ten grandchildren, and that it is out of concern for them and their futures that the Veazeys are supporting Trump.

Ed and Joy Veazey

Ed and Joy Veazey

Man in Marine hat

Mike Andersen, a former Marine from Southern Maryland, said that he was voting for Trump because, “I’m a small business owner and I need relief.”

When asked what he thought of Hillary Clinton, Anderson said just one word: “Liar.”

Mike Andersen

Mike Andersen

“[Trump] stands up and tells the truth,” said one veteran from Northern Virginia, who attended the rally with his sister and father, who is also a veteran. “Trump’s not afraid to tell the truth. And I think a lot of politicians, both Republicans and Democrats, lie… I was blind to the whole situation before Trump came along. [Before Trump] I had thought Paul Ryan was okay, but now I’m against the establishment altogether. I don’t even consider Donald Trump a Republican—I consider him an Independent. I’m not voting Republican or Democrat, I’m voting for Trump.”

Two vets: father and son

Two vets

“We’re vets and Trump is sympathetic to veterans,” he added. “I don’t think Hillary could care less about vets. I don’t think she cares about anything but herself.”

“We need to turn this country around,” the man’s father added. “Trump believes in America and he’s the only one who can save our country. He’s a good man. He doesn’t have to do this. They’ve been calling him names. He’s doing it because he believes in this country.”

Biker for Trump

Biker for Trump

Group of Bikers for Trump

Group of Bikers for Trump

Father and son vets outside

Father and son vets outside

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