Trump’s Vision For America Is The One That We Need

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America stands at a crossroads. Our nation can either continue down President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s unsteady path of failed, Washington-knows-best, big-government policies, or we can chart a new path toward economic security and strength abroad through accountable leadership.

Hillary Clinton promises nothing more than a third term for Barack Obama. This means higher taxes and lower wages for hard-working American families, and the American Dream becoming more like a distant memory.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence, on the other hand, bring principled, conservative solutions that will grow a healthy economy, strengthen our national defense and rebuild the middle class so America can reach its fullest potential. Donald Trump has built successful businesses and created thousands of jobs, while Indiana under Gov. Pence boasts low unemployment, high workforce participation and growing wages.

The choice is even starker when it comes to foreign policy. Clinton’s record as secretary of state was an unmitigated disaster, with the Islamic State overrunning Syria, Iraq and Libya, and Iran on a pathway to obtain nuclear weapons.

Terrorism has also been brought to our doorstep, with attacks like those we’ve seen in America and across Europe driving home the failure of America’s foreign policy under the Clinton-Obama doctrine.

The future of our great nation is at stake, and the consequences of continuing the status quo are too severe. Donald Trump brings the leadership and experience to get our country moving in the right direction and make America great again. The time to unite is now. Our nation depends on it.

(via: Washington Examiner)

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