SHOCK POLL: The Latest Numbers Are In…And Donald Trump Is THRILLED!

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Trump supporters were beginning to fret—and secretly, The Donald may have been as well. Although he has been seeing a few close polls, the majority of polling has been showing Trump behind Hillary Clinton
These numbers have been significantly depressed by a barrage of media attacks. But in the last few days Trump has grabbed the reins on the media narrative, and as much as they have tried to paint him in a negative light, his campaign changes and trip to Louisiana have been taken as a good omen by many.

But no one thought America would see the proof of his changes so soon.

From the Los Angeles Times:


This represents a 6 point swing in the past week! Trump has clearly taken back the lead in the LA Times daily tracking poll. When you dig into the metrics Trump is gaining in almost every measure. This is likely the first sign of a major shift in direction for the race.

Hillary continues to drown in allegations, whether it be on her time as Secretary of State, as the head of the Clinton Foundation, or for perjury in lying about all of it. Trump, on the other hand, is tacking a new course and seems to be far more nimble. He has also withholding his own barrage of ads until the right time—when he can see the whites of Hillary’s eyes. That time is coming soon, and all of America will be surprised at the results.

Via Patriot Journal

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