Trump Says Black Americans Deserve Same Guns, Rights Clinton Enjoys For Her Protection

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During his August 16 speech in West Bend, Wisconsin, Donald Trump stressed that Hillary Clinton is out of touch with the dangers Americans feel in turbulent times because she — as a member of the political class — enjoys being surrounded by a security detail 24/7.

Donald Trump stressed that the security she enjoys keeps her indifferent to the struggles of African-Americans in dangerous inner-cities. And because she can take her safety for granted, she feels no compunction over supporting gun control laws that endanger poor African-American single moms and others in inner-cities.

Gun control endangers these vulnerable citizens by making it more difficult for them to the get guns they need for self-defense.

Trump said, “It’s easy for Hillary Clinton to turn a blind eye to crime when she has her own private security force that, by the way, carries guns.” He then referenced the Second Amendment — intimating that it applies to every citizen, not just the political class — and he said, “I believe all Americans — not just the powerful — are entitled to security.”

The importance of an armed citizenry has been a continual theme in Trump’s campaign. He reacted to the November 13 Paris terror attack by stressing that armed citizens could have prevented the “horror show” that took 130 lives. And during the January 10, 2016, airing of Meet the Press, he said armed citizens remind bad guys that “bullets go both ways.”

In Wisconsin, Trump signaled that Clinton and the political class should not be the only Americans with armed security that can shoot back. Rather, African-American parents and single adults who live in fear in inner-cities should also be able to acquire the guns they need to keep themselves and their families safe.

(via: Breitbart)

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