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It’s very obvious that the mainstream media is working against Donald Trump and his presidential campaign. Which summons the question should Donald Trump even go on or have his supporters and spokespeople waste time with being cut of, insulted, talked over, and misquoted, as well as having their character cut to shreds. Personally if I were Donald Trump, I would ONLY attend rallies, engage social media, attend conventions, do some infomercials, political advertisements and go straight to the American people. Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Rachel Maddow, and the media elite are doing nothing but attacking Trump and his supporters, asking them loaded questions, making them look off balance, and like total extremists. Where’s my proof? Former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, and Katrina Pearson. At present Trump and his campaign are doing nothing but taking a beating from the left wing liberal ran and operated mainstream news media. Not to mention the fact, that few Americans today don’t trust today’s news media, the mainstream news media is the butt of jokes, insults, critical social media memes, and even Hollywood comedies such as “Anchorman” starring Will Ferrell. Another thing Donald Trump should be doing is airing advertisements of mainstream news media lies, misstatements, half truths, and errors that they have made, especially regarding The Clintons, who the mainstream media clearly protects, promotes, and favors. The mainstream media’s lack of coverage, or at least lack of good coverage, and fair and impartial reporting of the Benghazi scandal, Iranian Nuke Deal, The Bergdahl prisoner swap, and other serious Obama and Clinton blunders are just some of the great examples of this media bias and favoritism. Not ONLY is the Trump campaign going up against The Clinton campaign, it’s going up against the Clinton’s allies also Hollywood, mainstream and print media, online media, The Washington Post, The Washington establishment, etc. In my humble opinion, it is time for Donald Trump, and his spokespeople to avoid mainstream media networks like the plague, and take his campaign directly to America like never before.

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