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Why New Clinton Email Developments Should Be Taken VERY Seriously

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Yes, I know what you already heard (from Allahpundit most recently): the FBI had wanted to launch an investigation into the Clinton Foundation but Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department squashed it. That much is true, but the Daily Caller News Foundation has just learned that there’s more going on than meets the eye initially. There is already a corruption probe into the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation going on and the FBI is taking part in it, but it’s not coming from the Department of Justice or anyone in Washington. It was launched out of New York City and it’s focused on the offices of the foundation there.

Multiple FBI investigations are underway involving potential corruption charges against the Clinton Foundation, according to a former senior law enforcement official.

The investigation centers on New York City, where the Clinton Foundation has its main offices, according to the former official who has direct knowledge of the activities.

Prosecutorial support will come from various U.S. Attorneys Offices — a major departure from other centralized FBI investigations.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why bother? Even if they turn up anything the DoJ will just toss it into the trash anyway, the same as they did with Huma Abedin’s embezzlement charges, right? Nobody could blame you for thinking that, but in this case you just may turn out to be wrong. The reason for that is the name of the individual who kicked this thing off in the Empire State in the first place: Preet Bharara.

If you’re not familiar with Preetinder Singh “Preet” Bharara – the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, centered on New York City and surrounding counties – then you haven’t been following our ongoing coverage of his prosecution of numerous New York elected officials over the past few years. The man is absolutely fearless when it comes to persons of political power and maintains a reputation for the apolitical pursuit of justice generally only applied to the movie version of Eliot Ness. He’s knee deep into multiple investigations of corruption by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio while simultaneously digging through the offices of Governor Andrew Cuomo himself, as well as the entire executive branch of state government.

He produces results, too. He’s already taken down the Republican state senate Majority Leader and the Democratic Speaker of the Assembly, a guy who was considered the most powerful man in state government for decades. And those weren’t slaps on the wrist or simply embarrassing revelations. Both of them got serious jail time. Sources I’ve spoken to in New York law enforcement have described Bharara as The Terminator. When he gets his teeth into something he simply does not stop – ever – and he’s impervious to threats from those in positions of power.

Yes, the Clinton machine is a gigantic force in American politics and the Justice Department is still controlled by Barack Obama’s cronies. But who among them would be willing to step up to the microphone and try to order a person of Bharara’s standing off the case if he’s caught wind of the stench of corruption coming from the New York offices of the Clinton Foundation? If the nation has fallen that far into decay then we may as well shut out the lights.

(via: Hot Air)

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