Who’s Fit To Be President?

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This day will go down in history as a “first”! The President of the United States, Barack Obama, worse president in history, leaving office with $20 Trillion debt, berated the Republican presidential candidate. Obama called the Nominee “Unfit to serve” mainly because the nominee, Donald J. Trump, is a self-made multi-billionaire! Mr. Trump has spent a life time as a successful businessman. President has NEVER accomplished ANYTHING in his entire life! The Republican establishment, namely, Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell, with John McCain thrown in for his UNNEEDED comments against Mr. Trump!

Hillary Clinton is a LIAR & cannot be trusted. However, the “good old boys” would rather deal with the CROOK they know than a decent, hard working man, who has promised to tear down the cronyism & corruption in DC! The Democrats & establishment Republicans want to maintain thing “just the way they are”!

They’ve thrown everything at Mr. Trump except the kitchen sink! What is happening is nauseating. Ryan & McConnell are reacting as if the “script was written” for them to follow!

After all the hoopla about Mr. Khan, since Obama made his disgusting speech today, we find that Mr. Khan gets immigration papers for illegals. He has a lucrative business helping refugees & anyone else the Democrats get across the border, ID’s, etc. so they can get all the “benefits” America has to offer!

Enough is enough! Ryan, McConnell, McCain, and any other career politician who can’t get behind Donald Trump, get OUT of the WAY! Who the heck is Obama to TELL Republicans to NOT endorse their nominee! You should be ashamed to be called MEN!

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