Breaking: Hillary Clinton BUSTED For Breaking Campaign Finance Laws

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Proof keeps piling up this election cycle that shows that the Democrat party and their nominee for president, Hillary Clinton, are extraordinarily corrupt.

While those on the right were long aware of Democrat corruption, maybe even some on the left as well, the leaked Democrat National Committee emails provided concrete proof and now new information has come out that proves not only corruption, but that the Clinton camp may have broken federal law (again).

The Gateway Pundit posted damning evidence sent to them from Reddit that shows the Clinton camp coordinating with Super PACs, which is in direct violation of federal law.


Take a look at the evidence below from the Reddit post:



As you can see, clearly the Clinton camp was coordinating with the Super PAC “Priorities USA Action” through Allida Mae Black who appears to still be a board member.

Black was connected to the Clinton campaign as a “Hillblazer” a.k.a.  Clinton National Finance Committee member who raised at least $100,000.

Based on the Wikpedia information, the Super PAC “Ready for Hillary” was defunct as of April 2015, however, the dates are very close and dicey.

As the Reddit post pointed out, Black was at the Hillary for America headquarters on March 4, 2016 for a “Finance Council Meeting.” If Black was indeed on the board the the Super PAC “Priorities USA Action” at the same time as her working directly for the Clinton campaign this would violate federal law.

Black also, as evidenced above, held fundraisers for Clinton at her own home.

In another twist, Black owns the “Allenswood Group LLC” via information posted to Reddit above.

As you can see, the Allenswood Group gave $115,571 via 11 payments — the last of which was dated March 15. 2016 — to “Correct the Record” the David Brock founded Super PAC. Remember above when we said that Black was at the Hillary for America Headquarters on March 4. 2016?

There is evidence here that the Clinton campaign is at the very least skirting the law, although if dates an be sussed out exactly — and it appears that the Allenswood Group situation is, then the Clinton campaign is in direct violation of Federal law.

Clinton has gotten away with a lot of things but if no one is going to hold her accountable legally, we can only hope that the voters will in November.

(via: The Federalist Papers)

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