The Real Haters Of America and Their Useful Idiots!!

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During the democrat convention and during Hillary’s campaign you see many signs saying “Love Trumps Hate.” This is a way of these young millennials  attacking Trump and promoting their extremely naive “all you need is love” ideology that if you be nice to your enemies and they’ll be nice to you. They are all being played like a fiddle and being useful idiots to Hillary and her campaign. I guarantee that if any of these millennials and people endorsing that view  were to go up to one of these radical Islamists and don’t convert when asked to their heads would be cut off before they knew what happened. All they have to do is look at these young girls who left their homes in England to join ISIS only to be enslaved by them and even killed when they tried to escape.

Trump does not hate America as he’s a patriot, but Hillary, Obama, and her aid Huma Abedin do. Huma has relatives connected to the radical Muslim Brotherhood, otherwise why are they inviting thousands upon thousands of Muslims from these radical countries in here without vetting them that ISIS said they will infiltrate. Huma is on record saying she wants this country overrun by refugees.

Obam prophetWhen Obama first came into office he said he was going to “transform America.” No one was sure what he meant, but people were so filled with hate and rage against Bush, thanks to the biased media, they thought he would make America better and free from the Bush America. Not so. What he was talking about was making the United States an Islamic country. Obama was brought up to hate America from his Marxist Muslim father and stepfather and communist mother. He probably hates himself for being half white and half Arab. He rails against whites in his books and blames America for all the problems in the world since its’ founding. This year alone he has invited 10,000 Syrians alone in here to be completed by the time he leaves office and as I’ve said before, Hillary wants to increase that by 550%.

At the convention Hillary had the Muslim parents whose son was killed in Iraq by a truck bomb along with other soldiers while guarding a gate in 2004. The father Khzir Khan did all the talking with his wife  beside  him dressed in traditional Muslim dress which tells me they are not assimilating. Khan attacked Trump for his temporary ban on Muslims and said he has not read the constitution. Trump tweeted that he wondered why the mother didn’t speak and was it because of the way women are treated in the Muslim culture.

Ex-campaign adviser Roger Stone lashes out at Khzir Khan, who spoke at the DNC of his son who was killed in Iraq in 2004.

Roger Stone, a former adviser to Trump’s campaign, tweeted that Khizr Khan was an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egypt-based Islamist organization, and provided a link to a website that claimed Khan promoted Islamic sharia law and was “probably” acting on behalf of “Muslim oil companies.”

Kahn, whose US soldier son Humayun was killed in Iraq in 2004, electrified the Democratic National Convention last week with a tribute to his fallen child, ending with a steely rebuke of Trump saying the contender had “sacrificed nothing” for his country.

Stone’s Twitter message linked to a website run by Walid Shoebat, a Palestinian-American who claims to have been a radical Muslim involved in terror activities against Israel before converting to Catholicism. Shoebat writes that “Khan is a Muslim plant working with the Hillary Clinton campaign, probably for the interest of Muslim oil companies as well as Muslim immigration into the US.”

Shoebat listed incidents in which US Muslim servicemen have turned against their brothers-in-arms and suggested that the slain Khan, who was posthumously awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, had ulterior motives for being in the military.

Khan, speaking on CNN a day earlier, accused Trump of lacking the moral compass and empathy needed to be the country’s leader.

“He is a black soul. And this is totally unfit for the leadership of this beautiful country,” Khan said.

Trump defended himself in an interview with ABC’s “This Week,” insisting he had made “a lot of sacrifices” while suggesting that Khan’s wife, who stood silent on the convention stage as her husband spoke, had not been allowed to talk.

But Khan shot back in interviews on US television news shows, while his wife Ghazala explained in a Washington Post op-ed that she had been too grief-stricken to speak in Philadelphia.

I don’t believe that for a second since her son died 14 years ago. I   think she was told not to say anything.

Mr. Khizr Kahn is not some arbitrary Muslim voice called upon randomly to speak at the Democrat National Convention on behalf of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Attorney Kahn is a well documented, and well compensated, conscript and activist for the advancement of Islamic interests into the United States. So it should come as no surprise to see the Clinton Machine use Kahn to serve both of their interests in this political election season. HILLARY’S “KHAN MAN”: Who Is KHIZR KHAN? The SHOCKING Truth About His Job, His


Why didn’t Hillary have any of the mothers from Benghazi speak there like the republicans did. I guess she knew she lied to them and was afraid they would reveal that. Why didn’t she have any of the parents of the other soldiers that were killed with Khan’s son? Why these two?

Mr. Khan calls Trump a man with a dark soul. I would suggest to Mr. Khan that he take a good look and do some research on the one he’s defending.  She studied under Saul Alinsky who dedicated his book to Lucifer. Talk about a black soul.

Please read this powerful letter. Only a military mom could write such a fantastic testimony and rebuke to the Muslim pawn used by Hillary’s campaign at the Dem Convention to trash Donald Trump.

This is a spectacular letter that should be read by every American voter. Veteran Chris Mark truly puts Mr. Khan’s public ridicule of Donald Trump into perspective. Bravo Mr. Mark! WOW! US Marine And Navy Veteran Writes BLISTERING Open Letter To Khizr Khan: “



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