Trump Says No More Mr. Nice Guy

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Donald Trump says he is done being nice.

“I’m taking the gloves off. Take the gloves off. Right?” Trump said Friday during a rally in Colorado, his first since the end of Hillary Clinton’s Democratic National Convention. “Taking the gloves off! Just remember this: Trump is gonna be no more Mr. Nice Guy.”

“Tell Hillary I’m not gonna be nice anymore,” he said. “I’ve been very nice to her. So you ready? Actually, some of the folks I defeated they probably would say, ‘Boy, he was not very nice.’”

“They keep screaming. And you know what I do?” Trump asked. “I’ve been nice. But after watching that performance last night — such lies — I don’t have to be so nice anymore.”

The Republican presidential nominee also blasted his “negligent” rival Clinton and accused her of lying to the FBI during its investigation into her use of a private email while leading the State Department, sparking chants of “lock her up!”

“I’ve been saying let’s just beat her on Nov. 8, but you know what? You know what?” Trump told the crowd. “I’m starting to agree with you, I’ll tell you. Sorry to say.”

The real estate mogul said he found it interesting that “every time I mention her, everyone screams ‘lock her up, lock her up, lock her up.’”

Trump’s bare-knuckle promise came in a speech in which he decried an ad that invoked his infamous Fox News debate clash with Megyn Kelly and showed him mocking a disabled reporter.

“I didn’t mock the disabled, number one. Number two, with Megyn, all I did, was I wanted to get back on subject,” he explained.

Trump insisted that he would never mock anyone with a disability, citing the amount of money he spends to make his buildings wheelchair accessible as proof. “Number one, I have a good heart,” he said. “Number two, I’m a smart person, OK?”

And with Kelly, he said, he was trying to get back on topic and only referred to her nose and ears when he suggested there was blood coming out of her “whatever.”

“It’s really sad,” Trump said of the ad. “They know it’s not true. They do it anyway. I had in mind nose, but it could have even been ears. I didn’t think of the other alternative.”

(via: Politico)

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