The Democrat Convention; Not Very Democratic!!

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The Democratic convention in Philadelphia got off to a rocky start between distension, chaos and collusion Monday night.  Dissension because of all he Bernie Sanders supporters and collusion revealed in the hacked e-mails between the media, various groups opposing Sanders and  the DNC all out to get Sanders. The entire night’s speeches were typical liberal in that they were all emotional attacks on Trump devoid of fact which liberals feed on.

The first few speakers attacked Trump for being against gays and saying Hillary supports all people of all races and backgrounds while Trump does not. That in itself was a lie as he does support and hires gays. They also repeated that Hillary will support a woman’s right to choose and she has always fought or equal pay for equal work. If that were true then why does she pay her male workers $30,000 more than her female workers.  Trump pays his women employees more than his male employees and hires more women than men. In fact a woman built Trump Towers.

If Hillary  is so much for gays and the LBGT community then why doesn’t she give the money back to all the countries that assassinate  gays and treat women like trash that she accepted millions of dollars from in the first place?

Jesse Lipsen, Corporate head of Cloud Services said Trump and Pence will take rights away from you and will use fear tactics. He said Hillary will fight or you and not discriminate. I guess he never heard Hillary say  “ We’re going to take things away from you for the common good.”

Some speakers said “We build bridges of love not walls of hate.” Another  typical liberal emotional slogan that is not immersed in reality. At that point singer Paul Simon came out and sang the hit song by him and Art Garfunkle “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” off key to a band that was equally off key and walked off as soon as he was done without saying a word. The RNC band was ten times better.

I thought the phoniest part of the evening was when Senator Al Franken and comedienne Sarah Silverman appeared. He said he was a Hillary supporter and she said she was a Bernie supporter. It was so scripted.  This was probably done to bring the two factions together.  When the camera from behind focused on them I could see a teleprompter   stored discreetly inside the top of the podium facing them. Their routine reminded me of something you’d see at these award shows that was so rehearsed, scripted and elitist and in the end she supported Hillary. Chants of “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie” shouted throughout the audience and Silverman appeared shocked. She then told the delegates they were being ridiculous and the chants continued. It was all so phony. Sarah Silverman Calls Bernie Sanders Supporters “Ridiculous” At DNC | Deadline

Corey Booker, the Senator from my state of New Jersey and former mayor of Newark gave a rousing speech that started out good with saying how America was founded on the Declaration of Independence that said all men are created equal and gave a good history lesson along those lines until he started trashing Trump calling Trump bigoted and discriminatory against gays, Hispanics and Muslims. Corey got louder and louder sounding like some preacher and you could see him sweating on his bald head.

Following Corey Michele Obama spoke. Michelle talked about raising her two daughters  in the white house which was a new experience for them and in a slight dig at Trump and republicans she said she taught her daughters to ignore what they say about their father’s birth certificate and faith. She said America is the greatest place on earth and is already great and we should continue to make it great and don’t have to make it great again. I guess she considers  a country where 93 million people are out of the workforce, 50 million on welfare and 45 million on food stamps as great. Michelle said Hillary always fought for women and children and all people and that she never quits on anything. She also said her famous statement about “waking up every morning in a house built by slaves” meaning the white house. I never knew it was built by slaves.

Following Michelle Senator Elizabeth Warren came out and proceeded to tell lie after lie about Trump saying he was going to lower the minimum wage and raise everyone’s taxes and just give tax breaks to his millionaire buddies. She went into a whole litany of attacks on Trump saying he was going to get rid of Obamacare which has helped so many people. If five million people losing their healthcare is helping them then I don’t know what is. She said how Trump is dividing everyone and pitting people against each other. Hmm that’s funny since that’s what democrats have always done. She accused Trump of being an Oligarchy when Obama has been just that with just using his pen and phone bypassing congress. She went on about how Trump doesn’t have any plan for anything and didn’t say what he intended to do in his speech which was untrue. He laid out specifics in his speech. Warren also said nothing has trickled down to the people and  it’s all tax breaks for the rich. Well the democrats had eight years to take care of that and nothing changed.  I’ve noticed that democrats are always guilty of doing the same thing they accuse republicans of doing.

Finally at the end the big moment came with Bernie Sanders appearing on stage. He had a roaring   reception lasting about three minutes. His speech was powerful and direct and sounding more like Trump saying how the system was rigged and how we need a revolution to transform America for economic equality. Sanders said he was very disappointed in the nominating system with him and how it was rigged. His speech lasted one half hour and towards the end he endorsed Hilary and said how she must become the next  president . He stuck by his proposal of a $15 an hour minimum wage. He said Hillary understands how to create hundreds jobs and that Trump’s supreme court justices would threaten our rights and a woman’s right to choose. He also talked about the need for climate change and universal healthcare.


This endorsing Hillary turned a lot of his supporters off and he would have done much better if he laid out his ideas without endorsing her and walking off.

Meanwhile hundreds of his supporters demonstrated outside the convention and things seemed more chaotic than the republican   convention. I see shades of the 1968 democrat convention forming when riots occurred when Hubert Humphrey ran against Nixon.

Trump’s response on Sean Hannity’s show afterwards was that he thinks Bernie is tired and exhausted and is giving up.

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