Chuck Norris: ‘Stop Obama Before He Does More Damage’

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We all know that action-hero legend Chuck Norris is a proud supporter of the 2nd Amendment… Even though he’s perfectly willing to stop criminals and terrorists with his bare hands!

But now, Chuck Norris’ target is President Barack Obama and the out-of-control spending in Washington, D.C. He is a principled, constitutional conservative who is calling on states to take an unprecedented move.

Norris wants the states to call an Article V constitutional convention to pass a balanced budget amendment and take power away from our Spender-in-Chief:

But alas, there’s finally hope on the horizon to control the federal fiscal insanity by the states’ initiative to force a balanced budget amendment via an Article V constitutional convention.

A constitutional balanced budget amendment, or BBA, is not a new idea, and neither is the states’ push for such legislation. The first BBA was proposed in Congress more than 75 years ago, and the first resolution calling for an Article V convention in state legislatures was proposed more than 50 years ago.

However, what could be new to many Americans is just how close its enactment is to becoming reality. Unknown to many, 25 states have already called for the convention to add the BBA, and only nine more states (34 in total, or two-thirds) are required to force the convention.

True, some states have refrained from joining the national BBA movement. For example, just last week, Montana legislators defeated a resolution by 77-23 that would have made their state the 26th calling for a BBA convention. However, opponents’ rationale is often faulty and fear-based.

Chuck notes this is the only way America can fully embrace Jeffersonian principles of constitutionally constrained, limited government. He opined, “Without intervention, Washington will spiral our economy to its point of no return. All other solutions for economic federal restraint or solvency have proven fruitless, despite the best of intentions of some. Stop Obama before he does more damage.”

The time for a balanced budget amendment is now. Government is not run by angels, and it’s clear now that a president can act in a tyrannical way.

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