Liberal Judge Forces Christian Dating Website To Include Same-Sex Searches

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In the latest sign that the judiciary has gone completely off the rails, a judge has now forced the owners of, Spark, to include same-sex matches on their website. Two gay men decided that there simply weren’t enough gay dating websites on the internet, and sued in 2013. Now, under the settlement agreement, the webpage asks merely whether you are a man or a woman, rather than a “man seeking a woman” or a “woman seeking a man.” According to The Wall Street Journal, “Spark agreed that within two years, it would adjust other searching and profile features to give gay and lesbian singles a more tailored experience.” The terms of the settlement also open up,, and to same-sex searches.

This is pure insanity.

Based on the logic of this settlement, presumably a Jew could sue and demand that it rename itself and open itself up to Jewish profiles – after all, we wouldn’t want Christians discriminating. Or perhaps whites could sue to change the name of the website so that it doesn’t discriminate based on race.

The lawsuit and settlement reveal one fundamental truth: for the LGBT community, acceptance and tolerance aren’t enough. They want full-scale approval of their activity from religious Americans, and they won’t stop until government shoves that approval down religious throats at point of bayonet.

This is perverse.

But this is what happens when the government becomes a tool of a tyrannical movement hell-bent on ensuring that we can no longer share a society without sacrificing our values on the altar of the secular collective.

The next steps for the left include removing non-profit status for any religious institution that “discriminates” against same-sex marriage, then suing those institutions under “anti-discrimination” laws; removing accreditation from schools that refuse to teach the beauty and joy of homosexuality and transgenderism; and finally, targeting parents who homeschool by refusing their legitimacy and calling their children truant.

All of this is coming, and it’s coming soon.

We’d better start preparing the resistance. We’re already late in starting.

Via DailyWire

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