Progressive Poison on the Move

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What an impartial, integrity driven jewel we have in The Department of Justice’s chief prosecutor Loretta Lynch. We learned yesterday that she had a private meeting with Bill Clinton on an airplane on a tarmac. The only trouble is Mrs. Clinton is under investigation by the DOJ and her husband is a possible witness. When your wife is under investigation you don’t cozy up to the prosecutor nor would the prosecutor even permit such a meeting because it looks suspicious. But of course rules don’t apply to good old Bill and Hillary. The meeting, more likely than not was to exchange favors and to agree not to indict Mrs. Clinton. Friends in high places don’t prosecute friends. If a Republican was in the same position, the Democrats would be screaming for blood.

Ms Lynch must recuse herself from the case. She cannot be perceived as impartial any longer. No matter what she decides to do it will be viewed with suspicion. She has lost all credibility.

If that isn’t enough, Ms. Lynch has decided not to prosecute former IRS official Lois Lerner for her egregious abuse of power against Conservatives.  Surprise, surprise.  She resigned from office when it was discovered she was illegally sending tax returns and exemption requests from Conservatives to the Department of Justice to delay their requests and submit them for illegal scrutiny all while mocking Conservatives as dishonest.

In a hearing before her departure,  Lerner invoked the 5th Amendment so many times the hearing was of no value other than confirmation of her guilt.

This time it was Conservatives.  Next time it could be Liberals.  It’s dangerous to permit abuse of power against our Constitution or any group of Americans ever.  By declining to prosecute or reprimand her in any way, The Department of Justice is sending a clear and an astonishing message. Government officials may abuse the power of their office in direct violation of the Constitution without fear of consequence encouraging more of the same. Never in the history of our nation has abuse of power against Americans been so blatant and so readily tolerated.  Until now, this level of tyranny was formerly exclusive to Socialist and Communist countries.  But the progressives are changing America.   They’ve even convinced many Americans that these are but minor infringements that don’t matter and our Constitution no longer applies.  How low is the IQ and/or comprehension of the collective in this country to accept the march of Socialism.  Half the students in the country have little knowledge of American history, especially when Progressives managed to insert an anti-American text book on American History, written by Marxist Howard Zinn who distorted every fact, into our public schools.   It’s the most egregious, disgraceful march of destruction while Americans look the other way or decide it doesn’t matter.  Since our inception lives have been lost to protect our Republic.  Was it all in vain?

I want my country back. It’s completely disgraceful to accept these abuses of our liberty or to remain blissfully unaware.  I can’t accept Americans permitting this march against our freedom.  Of course Progressives have managed to dilute our population of patriots with millions of 3rd world people voting illegally. And we’ve failed to educate our students about our history and the perils of Socialists and Communists which have infiltrated our schools and media as planned.

Lois Lerner resigned her position with her nice fat pension.  If you must resign from office in  disgrace, why in the hell should she or anyone receive a full pension?  Next we can expect the same for her boss who is so despicable his horns cannot be hidden.

It appears that you can get away with just about anything anti-American in the Obama administration while the GOP majority watches.

America, as we knew it, will only survive if we return to following our Constitution and our American values.  We can thank God that is precisely what Donald Trump intends to do and pray that people understand that Hillary intends to advance a Socialist, globalist all controlling, anti-liberty government agenda. God bless America

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