Neo-Nazi Group Involved In Sacramento Stabbing Says They Were Protesting Globalism

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“On Sunday June 26th, GSS, the California affiliate of the Traditionalist Worker Party, will be marching in the city of Sacramento to protest against globalization and in defense of the right to free expression. The state’s Marxist paramilitary groups and local gang members have vowed to stop the march through violence, and because of the mass subsidization of these groups by Non-Governmental Organizations in California, we are estimating that their mob may outnumber our men up to 10 to 1.

After carefully weighing the pros and cons, we have decided that this would be our Thermopylae, no matter what it costs or what it takes the march will go on! After witnessing the brutal assaults these cowards, drug addicts, illegal immigrants and criminals committed in orchestrated pogroms by Zionist agitated colored people against elderly people, women, children, and even the disabled at Donald Trump events throughout the Golden State, we concluded that it was time to use this rally to make a statement about the precarious situation our race is in. With our folk on the brink of becoming a disarmed, disengaged, and disenfranchised minority, the time to do something was yesterday!

California is a textbook example of the neo-liberal globalized dystopia that awaits us all if we don’t fight back. The contemporary union of global capitalism and New Left Marxism has manifested itself in a pincer attack on white workers in Sacramento, where economic exploitation and dying wages don’t keep up with exploding costs of living, while at the same time, their family’s are undersiege from the lumpen-proletarian of third world rapists and murderers being foisted into their communities and public schools.  In California, the elites destroy working and middle class neighborhoods, while they themselves live in exclusive gated communities, while their children attend public schools.

But we too have a human right to live, work, and have our kids be safe. Enough is enough!

As we saw in San Jose, where police looked on with apathy as white people using their right to free speech and politically assembly were beaten before their eyes, it is clear that the established system is not only not on our side–it enables and empowers the so-called “radical” anti-white terrorists.

We will march out numbered. But this time the cowards will have to contest with adult men who love their people, and this love makes them ferocious. We will defend ourselves by any means necessary, and if the police in Sacramento do not protect our right to speak, we will do it ourselves.

God Be With Us,

Hail Victory

Matthew Heimbach, Traditionalist Worker Party

Golden State Skinheads”

(via: Tradyouth)

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