Trump adviser: Paul Manafort ‘totally in charge’ of campaign

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enVolve take: Trump is a businessman through and through.  He has hundreds of successful companies still under his belt as well as four bankruptcies yet he still keeps trucking.  Most people would stop after one failure, so Trump firing Lewandowski and going with Manafort must be the right business move for the campaign.  Trump is unfiltered and honest nobody can deny that.


Following the ouster of campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Barry Bennett, a senior adviser to Donald Trump, announced Monday that campaign chairman Paul Manafort is “totally in charge” of the operation.

Bennett told Fox News that Manafort is now the sole person in charge of the campaign apparatus, but cautioned that “dramatic changes” would likely not be on the docket with less than a month until the Republican National Convention kicks off in Cleveland.

“Mr. Trump obviously made a decision this morning,” Bennett told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum. “I’ve not yet talked to him about it, or anyone at the campaign for that matter. But I think they wanted to go in a different direction, and it’s his campaign. He’s entitled to do that. Corey’s a friend of mine and I hate to see this happen.”

“Presidential campaigns grow like this all the time. Seldom does the same person stay in charge the whole campaign,” Bennett said. “The general election is much different than a primary, and obviously Mr. Trump wanted to make a change.”

When asked by the host if Manafort would be taking charge, Bennett said that he “is totally in charge” and that he is the person in charge right now.

Lewandowski and Manafort had long been at battle over the campaign apparatus. Trump recently fired Rick Wiley, who was brought on board by Manafort as Trump looked to make inroads with the GOP and help unify the party.

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Written by Melinda Wilkey

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