Hillary REFUSES To Watch ’13 Hours’…So Trump Trolls Her In EPIC Way

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Candidates on the campaign trail will find a way to make time for just about anything. Pancake breakfasts, State Fairs, handshakes along any local street that will have them…all of these moments are important to the campaign.

Hillary has never been too busy for a photo opportunity, or an opportunity to spout off on some random topic, barely pertinent to anyone outside the local market where they happen to be glad-handing the public.

With all of those other stops eating up valuable campaign time, it is no wonder that Hillary can’t spare two hours to watch a movie, based off a non-fiction novel, reliving the events she has given 11 hours of testimony over.

She told CNN’s Jake Tapper that she has not time to watch the movie about her failures in Benghazi:

So, Donald Trump decided this was the time to troll her in a huge way.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump isn’t taking his foot off the gas…renting out a Des Moines movie theater for a free screening of the terror-focused feature film ’13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi.’

Trump has long been a stiff critic of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s performance as secretary of state, especially related to the deadly 2012 terror attack at a State Department compound in the Libyan port city of Benghazi.

Letting Iowans see the movie for free will ingratiate him with the state’s most conservative voters while also ensuring that ‘Benghazi’ – a word seen in some right-wing circles as Clinton’s most reliable Kryptonite – remains in the news while Iowans mull their candidate choices.

Trump has made bashing Clinton over Benghazi a central theme in some of his campaign stops, in a strategy that looks beyond most of his GOP rivals and projects a scenario where he faces Hillary one-on-one for the White House this fall.

I would think someone who was Secretary of State when these events unfolded, someone who has been pointed to as culpable for how the situation turned out, would most definitely want to see how they are being portrayed.

Wouldn’t this provide another opportunity to assure the voting public, yet again, that she had done everything in her power to provide support, and that as the future Commander in Chief, that something like this would never happen again?

Or maybe it would be more like reliving a painful memory, knowing that more should have been done to support the men portrayed in this film…

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via Patriot Journal

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