Bringing Syrian Refugees will not help the problem

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There is an argument that USA should not bring refugees because there is no proper vetting process. To counter that, the proponents are claiming there is a stringent vetting process that takes about 2 years to fully vet the refugees.  All it will do is to increase the riots as they are happening in Europe.

If there is a way to keep refugees safe for two years during the vetting process, what is the urgency that forces the Governments to resettle them anywhere? Setting the terrorist threat aside for a moment, majority of people migrate because local conditions are not conducive to live and raise a family. If Our Government can defeat Nazis, we can certainly defeat ragtag ISIS with no infrastructure and create safe zone.

Current administration is unwilling to make that commitment. Moreover, the help we provide should be extended to maximum number of people for maximum amount of time. Cost of immigrating a refugee is about $16,000 over a four year period. With that money, due to Dollar value going a long way, we can provide help for about 16 people and render a successful aid, if we keep them in Syria itself by providing a safe zone.

This will solve the refugee crisis, reduce the unnecessary unwanted migration, alleviate fears of imbedded terrorists entering the US soil. It needs clear goal setting, focus and a leadership that is proactive with a winningness to provide solutions.

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