ALL IN! Trump Just Got A Massive Endorsement…He Needed This One!

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Most endorsements have very little practical effect on a presidential race.

For the most part voters watch the news, follow the candidates and make up their minds based on their own best interests and values regardless of who has or hasn’t endorsed them.

One notable exception is when a major and respected faith leader gives his blessing to a candidate. Because they have a unique credibility with their followers and peers, such an endorsement can carry hundreds of thousands if not millions of votes.

Donald Trump has now picked up another of just this sort of endorsement, Faith & Freedom Coalition leader Ralph Reed.

Trump appeared at Reed’s event over the weekend and hot all of the right notes, as reported by the Washington Examiner…

Reed said he has faith in Trump to do what he says. “Trump and I developed a relationship,” Reed said. “And when he says that’s what he’s going to do, based on my interaction with him, I don’t really have any questions about whether or not he means it.”

Furthermore, Reed called out other faith leaders to line up for Trump, saying…

“There are some who counsel timidity and retreat,” Reed said. “And they recommend that people of faith retreat to the cold comfort of a stained glass ghetto and decline to muddy our boots with the mire and the muck of politics. But that is not an option for followers of Christ. You see, we’re called to put away our my-way-or-the-highway pride.”

VIA: Patriot Journal

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