Is the USA Ready to Settle for “Okie Doke?” An Obama Lesson

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Recently, Obama spoke at Concord High School in Elkhart, Indiana.  Elkhart, Indiana a county with a population of 203,474.  A county that in the 2016 Primaries voted for Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders for POTUS, but in the end Donald J. Trump swept Indiana state from Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders also took Indiana on the Democratic side.

Well, it is no surprise that Obama does not like Trump and refuses to even allow Trump’s name to leave his mouth, saying that Trump already gives himself enough, “advertising,” and he won’t give him, “free advertising.”  But instead Obama is kicked with instant karma and begins to become “Stuttering Stanely,” while trying to take jabs at the GOP Presumptive Nominee Donald J. Trump.

“And their basic message is anti-government, anti-immigrant, anti-trade, and let’s face it, it’s anti-change.” Obama said.

Their message is not completely true.  The GOP believe in small government, big people, more money back into the hands of the people, more power back into the hands of the people and states.  By giving power back to the states the federal money given to them would be more efficiently used because states know their people better than the federal government ever will.  Also if we put more money back into the people’s hands the economy will begin to boom again.  More money equals more spending.

But the top elites such as Clinton, Obama, and the Bush’s don’t want more power back to the people because that is less money in their pockets.  They are bought out by big companies such as George Soros who has been accused of being the mastermind behind the violent rioters outside Trump rallies.  Soros has funded at least $15 million in efforts to stop Donald Trump on his path to victory of POTUS.

America has settled for “okie doke,” for the last 8 years and it is time to make her America the great once again.  Time to stop the racial divides, bring our soldiers home to the states, stop apologizing for our history.  America was the greatest country in the world at one time and once again she will be.  It be tough work but if we pull together instead of letting the elites divide us we as a country will once again prosper.

Written by Melinda Wilkey

I am a mother of 3 children. I have an amazing boyfriend who has 2 children as well. I am an Army widow and live in Indiana. We have 3 dogs, a parrot, 2 turtles and a stray cat.
I believe in the Constitution in its entirety. I believe in God and the free will he has granted us. I am pro-marijuana and anti-drug war. I believe in individual liberties. I also am a firm believer in BIG PEOPLE, little government. I am pro-choice and yes I can be a believer and be pro-choice. Someday I hope to run for a spot in office somewhere along the line. I may even shoot for the White House. Only God knows where I belong.

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