Marc Cuban Says That Trump Isn’t A Billionaire

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Billionaire Mark Cuban questioned whether Donald Trump is really a billionaire, BuzzFeed reports.

Said Cuban: “So when you’re putting your name on steaks, and you’re putting your name on water, you’re putting your name on playing cards, you’re putting your name on all this nonsense, right? You’re not gonna make big bucks, no matter what. It’s not like Trump Steaks were gonna make him $100 million. It’s not like it was gonna make him $5 million.”

He added that he has more money than Trump: “It’s not even close, I do… the reason I know is when you file your federal election campaign reports, you have to list all your cash and liquid securities and bonds. You have to list them one by one. So we know without any question that as of May 27, Donald doesn’t have more than $165 million in cash and securities and bonds.”

(via: Political Wire)

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