Amazon To Ban All Trump Products From Site

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It’s simply not enough for those on the Left to disagree or voice their disapproval for opposing views, they must also shut them down completely.

via Daily Caller:

A group claiming to represent 1,500 Amazon shareholders has asked CEO Jeff Bezos to stop selling Donald Trump ties, shirts and other products on the giant retail site.

“This isn’t about politics: Donald Trump’s misogyny, racism and outright bigotry are dominating the political news cycle,” shareholder group UltraViolet said in a letter to Bezos.

The shareholder letter added that the continued presence of Donald Trump products “poses a risk to Amazon’s reputation.”

Last year, Macy’s yanked Trump’s menswear lineafter the presidential candidate called Mexicans “rapists.”

Serta and NBC have also severed ties with Trump amid controversy over his campaign.

Attempts by protesters to push corporations away from Trump have in large part failed.

Facebook and Google were asked not to support the Republican National Convention — but the companies pushed aside those efforts and will fork over cash to support the event.

Microsoft will not fork over cash to fund the RNC, but said its decision was made before protesters urged it to withhold the support.

A spokesman for Amazon, which is slated to hold its annual shareholder meeting on May 17, declined to comment Monday.

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