Indiana Basketball Legend Bobby Knight Says ‘A Vote For Trump Is Like A Vote For George Washington’

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According to famed basketball coach Bobby Knight, Donald Trump’s greatness is right up there with George Washington and our founding fathers.

Fox & Friends hosted Knight and Trump Friday with the obvious purpose of helping Trump in the very important primary state of Indiana, which votes on Tuesday.

But Knight went beyond over the top with his praise for Trump.

KNIGHT: This man knows what to do. This man knows how to get America back on track. […]This man is on top of everything. You know, and as I said, I don’t think there’s ever been a better-prepared man to enter the White House than this man.

[…] Plus the fact that Mr. Trump has a tremendous following and a tremendous respect worldwide. This isn’t just a man who’s respected in Indiana or California or Florida or the United States. Donald Trump has done an awful lot of things for people all over the world.

Again I say, Indiana, you can, in this week, you can make a decision that will be something that will go right along with our founding fathers and George Washington. What you do here with Donald Trump.

Bobby Knight was the Indiana Hoosiers basketball coach from 1971 until 2000, winning 902 NCAA Division I games.


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