WATCH: Ottawa Thug Police Beat Truck Driver Viciously AFTER He Peaceful Surrenders

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Ottawa police were filmed viciously beating a truck driver on Saturday morning after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suspended Canadians’ civil rights by executive decree.

Fox News’ Gregg Re shared the video on Twitter:

Canadian state media refused to cover the assault.

Police were filmed dragging another man behind a set of cars and viciously beating him while he was on the ground:

Trudeau took a knee for Black Lives Matter and George Floyd (whose death was broadcast all over Canadian state TV) but his own goons abusing peaceful protesters by mercilessly kneeing them is perfectly fine.

Police were also seen attacking citizens for filming them and threatening local business owners for supporting the peaceful protests.

On Friday, police on horseback trampled a man and a woman with a walker then accused their victims of exhibiting “assaultive behavior.”

Police claimed the woman with a walker threw a “bike” at them then had to change their story after their lies fell apart.

Ottawa police have pledged to vindictively prosecute all the peaceful protesters who took part in the demonstration, which was only deemed “illegal” by executive fiat.

“If you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges. Absolutely,” Ottawa interim police chief Steve Bell said Saturday. “This investigation will go on for months to come.”

If the US was still the moral leader of the world, we’d be sanctioning Trudeau and Ottawa officials for human rights abuses. Instead, Biden ordered Trudeau to launch the crackdown!

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Jacques MerdeD
Jacques Merde
2 years ago

We need a vote of Non-confidence in the canadian parliament

2 years ago

Just wait fo the UN stormtrooper to show up. Castreau called in the cavalry. Beware of the Freedom Convoy false flag in DC. Boden is getting ready for the UN.

Last edited 2 years ago by Bob
2 years ago

ALL those pushing and ENFORCING this long planned FAKE COVID TYRANNY must be executed or ASSASSINATED IMMEDIATELY. When PIGs enforce COMMUNIST mandates they are modern day CHEKIST SCUM and should be treated accordingly.

Ros Fe
Ros Fe
2 years ago

I was all for the men in blue. Not any more. Just don’t come to us every again asking for our support. It’s gone for good.

Lisel Sipes
Lisel Sipes
2 years ago

The UN has sent in mercenary thugs with no brains and they dressed them as Ottawa police. THIS is why I keep saying that the United Nations is a terrorist organization and a threat to all countries.