ON THE ATTACK! President Trump Just STRUCK BACK At Dems After They Get Special Prosecutor to Russia Investigation

Today Democrats felt like they had finally beaten Donald Trump after YEARS of trying and failing. They finally got the Justice Department to appoint a Special Prosecutor to the Russia investigation.

They were so happy, bragging any way they could that they finally got their precious “justice.” Then the President burst their bubble Big League.

Donald Trump said it doesn’t even matter!

He released a statement just today that reassures us that both he and his campaign will STILL be proven innocent.

Trump said in a statement,

“As I have stated many times, a thorough investigation will confirm what we already know – there was no collusion between my campaign and any foreign entity.”

He continued,

“I look forward to this matter concluding quickly. In the meantime, I will never stop fighting for the people and the issues that matter most to the future of our country.”

So there you have it. Like we have heard time and again from all the top intelligence gurus, “There is no evidence of any collusion between Trump and Russia.”

They are grasping for straws and they know it. The best they have is that speech where he sarcastically and rhetorically asked Putin to release the emails Hillary Clinton deleted. It’s just pathetic.

86 comments on “ON THE ATTACK! President Trump Just STRUCK BACK At Dems After They Get Special Prosecutor to Russia Investigation
  1. Karen Calvin on said:

    i like to call you DemonicRats, had better back off. WE THE PEOPLE who have ALL voted for President Trump, are watching you! Why don’t you get a life, and grow up! YOU LOST!!!! If you think you can just step in and do whatever you want, you are mistaken. WE THE PEOPLE will NOT stand for it! WE have spoken and if you want a fight . . . . a fight you will get! You people are DESPICABLE! This is NOT good for our country and we are getting pretty sick of your shit!

  2. ralph on said:

    The Lawmakers are all Haters of America. They are Islamic Muslims and Murders of Christians in the First Degree

  3. If cleared, won’t stop the crying !!Start a war !!!Clean house!!!Start with Sores !!,Not Russia !!!

    • blakerin on said:

      You are so right, they need to take Soros down. He is behind all the attacks and all the negativity against Trump, he needs to be stopped.

      • So,I’m not the only one thinkin that way!!Can’t fig why the Jews don’t come and get him,as they were taking camp cooks,guards and the like !!T.C.

      • Gramma76 on said:

        So true!! Soros is not only behind the violence in America but also overseas. He is funding so many hate groups and he MUST be stopped!! Can’t understand why he has not been brought down before now!! He is pure EVIL! Wonder sometimes if he the clintons and the obamas haven’t sold their souls to the devil. Those people are godless!

        • blakerin on said:

          The so called authorities are all bought and paid for by Soros
          He has his hand in everything, his main purpose in life is to bring down America. He was convinced because of all his efforts that Clinton would win the Election. When she did not he was totally stunned, he did not get his way this time, t he American people were way too smart for him
          He freaked and started total Chaos, Black Lives Matter, All the violent demonstrations, The disgusting woman March All funded by him. He will do whatever he can to bring down Our President. He has his hand and money in CNN, ABC, MSNBC, ALL the fake news shows.

      • Exactly, it has to happen. Time to clean up the scum once and for ALL. We can’t wait. Time is running out.

  4. Dea Whyte-Mansburten on said:

    It should take the SP one day to come back with his verdict. THIS IS A LAUGHABLE CHARGE and many in Congress owe the President an apology…including Hillary and Pedosta, who invented this story…and were complicit in the fate of the actual leaker to wikileaks.

    • PatriotGal on said:

      McCain, McConnell, Ryan, Graham, Murkowski, Collins, Hatch, Flake, Sasse, Rubio, etc., etc.

      • Pebbles on said:

        Oh, yeah. Don’t you question their motives? I know I do, and it is connected to a huge amount of secret happenings. I am reading a lot about the pedophile issue, and how many of our so called leaders are involved in it. It might be more fake information, but time will prove it out.

    • Bobby on said:

      The assistant Attorney General did this. See my other comment, for great news coming for Trump-USA!

  5. I wonder if the investigation will point out the only collusion of Russia and the Presidency was the Clintons receiving several 100’s of thousands to the foundation in exchange for favors from the State Dept with the uranium deal? Is that what Obama meant when telling Medvedev “This is my last election. After my election, I’ll have more flexibility.” I know, stupid thought – libs don’t care about that.

      • Mildrednbowman on said:

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    • Chris Robinette on said:

      I do not believe that Mueller will stop with the Trump/Russia matter but will open many doors to why so many leaks of classified material going to certain news media and who those leakers are.

    • Jeanne Stotler on said:

      My thoughts exactly, They might just be penning a can of worms, democratic ones at that.

          • Lester Troxel on said:

            Along with Maxine Waters. She has to be crooked. Why else would anyone vote for that nitwit?

        • bandit1 on said:

          And the fruits and nuts in California just keep voting for her and her pals over and over. Seems like they have been drinking from the same fountain as the French and German morons that voted to destroy their countries..

          • Jeanne Stotler on said:

            Agree, You can lead Horses to water but you can’t make them drink, I don’t know about Jackasses.

          • Nancie Smith on said:

            I live in California…but I don’t vote for any fruits or nuts…I can’t wait until my Gov. Jerry Brown is gone…he is another nut case.

          • Lester Troxel on said:

            I remember when Jerry’s father was running back in the 60’s. People had stickers on their cars that said; “IF ITS BROWN, FLUSH IT”.

          • Jaime on said:

            I remember that well. Ronnie beat that libturd. Jerry is much nuttier. These idiots brought him back after seeing the disaster he was before.

          • shirley doughty on said:

            Just read today that there were protests around her mansion in CA for her impeachment. Maybe some of those nuts are beginning to crack open and see the light. lol We can only hope and pray

          • Gooyoung on said:

            As crooked as they are they probably won their elections by fraud, did anyone ever check on that?

      • Diana Schneider on said:

        The President owes nothing to any Party

        except to the voters who elected him and will again!!

        • That’s right, We the People, have spoken. Soo let the President get on with his agenda. To much interruptions with Dumocraps and MSM. The American people see what they are doing, we are not stupid.
          We are behind you Mr. President. Just hang in there. The scum will be brought to justice. I hope and pray. Just saying.

      • Dennis DesOrmeaux on said:

        That’s only to add more on the payroles for fake claims . You people just don’t get what is going on here is robbing at it’s best by saiding we need more people so we can steal money from the tax payers.

    • Sandra Becker on said:

      Like 2.5 million dollars to that phoney foundation that is now defunct because no more pay to play. And how about the 500 thousand dollars Bill received to speak to a Russian bank.

    • John Savell on said:

      That and collusion between Maxine (James Brown) Waters and the Russians, as she has a couple of mil tied up with the russians.

  6. Askjrsk on said:

    Hillary’s collusion with Russia must be investigated She gave twenty percent of our uranium to Russia that they can make nuclear war heads with it. Lock the witch up.

    • Lester Troxel on said:

      Askjrsk you can bet that Russia shared that uranium with Iran. Obama gave Iran the money to pay for it.

      • Askjrsk on said:

        You know it. This is the Russian collusion we the people are concerned about not the manufactured BS of the media. Fishing is supposed to be illegal and not allowed. Let HILLARY and OBAMA skate while we the people endure their self enriching transgressions against America. Call out the 82nd !!!

      • Yes sir he did. No question about it. Damn shame he is getting by with it.
        Used unmarked money and loaded it on to pallets and delivered it in an unmarked ✈️ Airplane. So it couldn’t be traced. Very sickening.
        Obum has got to go down.

  7. Patriot47 on said:

    This FAKE liberal dog and pony show will continue for a ridiculous duration at a ridiculous expense to taxpayers.

    • Remember God will have the final say in all this and knowing how God deals with liars and crooks, I will take God any day to protect me!
      He founded this nation, through people, he will protect it!
      Don’t ever fight God you will ALWAYS lose!
      God bless America! And God bless Trump!

  8. VirgoVince on said:

    This investigation CAN and WILL come back to bite the ugly stupid ignorant dumocruds;
    they WILL be EXPOSED for their ILLEGAL/UNconstitutional activities!!
    THEN, time to HANG a bunch of ’em!!

    • Absolutely, the Dumocraps are DESPERATE at this point, they will try anything to get the President out. But I think it will backfire on the scumbags too.

  9. nobody on said:


  10. James Maxwell on said:

    Now is the time to kick the AG in the butt and get the investigation into Obama, Hillary, John Kerry
    and others opened for Benghazi, Fast and Furious , and several other scandals that linger on
    from the past rein of terror on the American people.

  11. Brenda on said:

    The only thing this special investigation will do is waste a lot of time and money trying to prove something that many in the intelligence community has said does not exist. The dems want to create mayhem and since this investigation will allow the investigator to look into every aspect of Trump’s life, not just whether or not there was collusion, in the hopes of digging up something else they can use for their outrage against Trump. Were there grounds for his action, NO. But, there was considerable political pressure.

  12. Ron C on said:

    More fake news…a special prosecutor has NOT been appointed, they are appointed for criminal investigations….a special counselor has been appointed for the intelligence investigation…into rather the country has been over run by Trump Russian’s….well…according to the DNC & MSM they have over run the country…???

  13. Luberker on said:

    COMEY: On May 3rd, James Comey
    confirmed – under oath –
    that he has “Not been
    pressured to close an
    investigation for political
    purposes,” in front of the
    Senate Judiciary Committee,
    because he says, “It would
    be a big deal to tell the FBI
    to stop doing something like
    that – without an appropriate

    “I mean, where oftentimes
    they give us opinions that we
    don’t see a case there and so
    you ought to stop investing
    resources in it. But I’m talking
    about a situation where we were
    told to stop something for a
    political reason. That would be
    a very big deal. It’s not
    happened in my experience.”

  14. bunky doodle on said:

    why is it the rino gop caves to the donkey kong party and gives em a special council? obama had more scandals and so did hillary and never was a special prosecutor selected to investigate. gop is a bunch of spineless aholes. democrats are evil and bad, but, united. gop is just spineless and stupid

  15. Oldfart1939 on said:

    This whole Russia collusion story is a smokescreen, behind which the Libtards are delaying and obstructing everything we the people elected Donald to do on our behalf! Donald needs a thorough housecleaning at the WH, getting rid of Kushner, Priebus, McMaster, and their ilk. These are the insidious traitors–the real snakes from his campaign speeches.

    • pilgrimsjog on said:

      If President Trump tried to influence the FBI conversation Comey perjured himself when he testified no one has attempted to interfere with the FBI investigation. Comey must be asked what was his motives for deceiving the Congress then releasing this memo after he was fired.

  16. Great news!
    Do you know how many people are ignoring mainstream media, newspapers, magazines and even anti-Trump billboards? I can tell you it is enough patriotic American citizens to put Trump in office again.
    Why? Because the “Russians Are Coming!” routine is old, flat, dull and insipid.
    Push past this Spielberg script the Dem cult is pushing and get on with restoring America.
    Young people are graduating from HS and want jobs.
    Young people are graduating from college and need to live with their parents again so they are ideal cult targets who have already been brainwashed by Dem cultists pretending to be professors. One day they will grow up and be deeply grateful they live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
    Leave all those who want to destroy America in the dust and forge ahead! Go Trump!

    • You are 100% right. This BS is getting old. Just goes to show you how low they will go and the Dumocraps are looking like fools, which they have been for many years now. A 😆 dying party. But this will happen when you are DESPERATE to destroy someone.
      Give them hell Mr. President We the People, are behind you, we put you into the office to DRAIN THE SWAMP. So get it ✅ done.

  17. myworld5 on said:

    Pres Trump MUST GET TOUGH ! Where is Trey Goudy on the arrest of the Clintons – and Lynch (and McCain) and some of the other double-crossers ??? Plenty of Dems to go after ….We have been ‘chicken’ for too long ….Is Hillary going to be proved right — will we just sit around and give all of them a free pass ????? FIGHT BACK …..We are behind the Pres…but now he is in the driver’s seat and Washington is “blindsiding ” him ……THEIR ACTIONS ARE TREASONOUS …..GIVE US LIBERTY OR _________

  18. David Hogston on said:

    Investigations that actually FIND EVIDENCE OF GUILT end after finding that evidence. Investigations that FIND NO EVIDENCE OF GUILT have no finite end and can go on indefinitely. Unfortunately one drawback for the democrats is to justify the investigation the investigation can continue to widen until wrong-doing of some kind is discovered. The special counselor is going to keep going backwards in time until he reaches the time when he was the FBI Director. Using the Russians as the boogie man for everything might backfire as anything that has the word Russian in it become within the boundaries of the investigation. Have to be careful what you ask for, as sometimes you get it. “Those who live in glass houses should avoid throwing stones.”

  19. Diana Schneider on said:

    Guess the Democrats Love to kick a Dead Jackass Ass!!!!
    or a Dog chewing on a meatless Bone!!

  20. Bobby on said:

    Trump will serve 8 years, and this ‘impeachment’ will Backfire! Christian Prophet Kim Clement, 2007 until going to be with his Lord and Savior Jesus, last year. Youtube. Much more in his 2007 on, video.The short. Lord takes him to the future, Trump will receive Lord Jesus to live in him, as his Lord and Savior. The Lord says ‘I will baptize Trump with with,and fill him up with My Holy Spirit, when he walks into the White House!Early, they will shout ‘Impeach! Impeach! But God will not allow that. Lord Jesus, Christ in Trump. Is going to do amazing things through His Trump, for His USA and Israel. Much more, and through Mark Taylor and others. Several 100 great to come. HUGE Tribunals for fraud BO,Clinton’s, foundation, Globalist traitors and many many more. From USA to worldwide. Creator God the Son, Lord and only Savior Jesus, said. Will make the Nuremberg trials look like a cakewalk, in comparison. God is making His USA, above #MAGA-Gov’t and all areas. Best years, have begun and will rapidly increase! Lord told me 3/16.( He knows and sees all, even before Creation) and tweeted to Trump and team.The Lord will have more, more and more Exposed. Wicked fraud BHO, Adm. Clinton’s, foundation, traitors, globalists, their heads, MSM and more. Then all will be. Every evil plot against you ( Trump). Lord will cause to fail and BACKFIRE! You will win in as landslide.” Mark Taylor-Trump-USA Prophecies, after a visit from his Lord Jesus in 2011. Updates through Holy Spirit. Like Kim and others. Has, is and will be exact! To see 16 quick of 100’s. Dates he received and still is. Greatest coming to our USA! Click http://www.sordrescue.com/prophetic-words.html MUST SEE!

  21. Roy Parcell on said:

    President Trump is a Great President and doing a Great Job. The Democratic Are Trying To Trun America In To A 3rd World Country So They Can Tell You What You Can Do Or Can’t NOT Do In Your Life. Democratic Will Tell You How Much Money You Can Make And when You Can Go To Bath Room. You Will NOT Be Free Any More You Have A Dictator Like Russia And Other Country’s Your NOT Have Any Say In Anything At All. So The Ones Who Likes Their Freedom Needs To Help President Trump To Fight The Corrupt Democratic From Taking America Over

  22. pilgrimsjog on said:

    The special prosecutor must obtain the DNC servers they have never allowed the FBI to analyzed for evidence of Russian hacking. Then, the NSA must be allowed to gather any emails from an established timeline for when the alleged Russian hacking occurred in case the DNC wipes or destroys their servers.

  23. Tucker61 on said:

    Sadly, they will never let this go. This entire presidency will be wrought with this type of crap. Democrats and Rhinos should be charged with obstructing the operation of the government. They are obsessed with revenge over Clinton’s loss.

  24. Dennis DesOrmeaux on said:

    My worries are is the FBI that stupid they can’t find the leakers in the white house,It would only take me about two weeks and the leakers would go to jail along with many democrats that help them.

  25. Mike Golden on said:

    The Democrats think they got a Special Prosecutor, but what they really got is someone that will find in Trumps favor, that will ultimately leave egg on the Dems faces.

  26. Anna Hovatter on said:

    God bless & help our president with his struggle to do what is right for the American country.

  27. johninnil on said:

    The whole Russian story is nothing but a move on the “resistance” to Trump doing anything. I think the democrats will have all their investigating backfire on them and the conclusions will be that Hillary and the DNC were the culprits. That is why it was such a surprise when she lost.

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