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  • Al Sharpton Sounds Senile Attempting To Attack Young Blacks At Trump Supporter Event


    Appearing on MSNBC, Rev. Al Sharpton explained his belief that President Trump’s decision to host the “Young Black Leadership Summit” at the White House this year was wrong. Sharpton also claimed the event was nothing more than a publicity stunt. WATCH: Al Sharpton says it was “wrong” and “racist” of Trump to host the “Young […] More

  • WATCH: Democrats SPEECHLESS After Video Showing Young Black Voters CHEERING Trump!


    The cultural shift toward conservatism within the black community is very real … and it’s picking up steam faster than the left wants to admit. For months, we’ve pointed to examples of how African-Americans, long considered almost guaranteed to vote Democrat, have been rejecting the left’s narratives and are increasingly climbing aboard the Trump Train. […] More