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  • POLL: Should We Answer South Korea’s Prayers And Take Kim Jong Un Out?


    South Koreans are celebrating our president’s already tough stance against North Korea, but they are begging Trump to take it to the next level. They would like to see a more¬†confrontational approach with Kim Jong Un before all the progress that has been made is undone. Do you think we should answer the call to […] More

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  • NBC Rushes To Hire Anti-Pence Gay Olympian, ‘I Have No Problem Talking About Pence’


    Adam Rippon may not have succeeded in getting Vice President Pence removed as the head of the U.S. Olympic delegation, however, the considerable publicity the figure skater generated while bashing the VP seems and being among the first two openly gay Olympians in U.S. Winter Olympics history, has landed him a spot at NBC. NBC […] More

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  • South Korea Just PROVED How Mentally Stable And Effective President Trump Is

    While the left continues to wring its hands over the imminent global war that President Trump is supposedly about to unleash with his verbal attacks on North Korea, a nation with high stakes in the issue has another take. South Korean President Moon Jae-in is pointing a finger at Trump for another reason, giving the […] More

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