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  • BREAKING: There’s a RAT In the White House LEAKING Documents To Democrats


    A White House source has reportedly leaked documents the House Oversight committee requested last week regarding security clearances. Axios reports that The House Oversight Committee obtained documents from a White House source related to Jared Kushner & Ivanka‘s security clearances that the Trump Administration refused to provide earlier. — Hardball (@hardball) March 10, 2019 […] More

  • BATTLE LINES DRAWN: Leakers In Serious Trouble After What Jeff Sessions Just Said

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein are holding a news conference about the leak investigations on Friday. “THIS CULTURE OF LEAKING MUST STOP.” Watch the jaw-dropping video below.   Sessions announced that he will step up subpoenas against the media. He said he respects the media but says that respect is not “unlimited.” Sessions said that […] More

  • Did Trump Find The Rat? White House Leaks Cause FIRING Of Chief of Staff

    The rumors and speculations about the White House leaks haven’t stopped. These leaks that have jeopardized national security were nothing but #NeverTrumpers and the left’s attempts to sabotage President Trump. A report released in February linking White House Deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh with the leaks. The recent news are the consequences of that […] More